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Troubleshooting the ARIA Wearable Breast Pump

Here we will guide you through the troubleshooting process of the Lactivate ARIA Wearable Breast Pump.

Not turning on

  1. Make sure that the power button is held for at least 2 seconds in order to switch the pump on.
  2. Make sure that the pump is fully charged.

Suction is insufficient 

  1. Make sure that the parts are correctly screwed and assembled.
  2. Check that the valve is installed in place - This is a consumable product that may require replacing in order to maintain a good suction. You can contact our customer service team if you require a replacement part as they can be purchased separately.
  3. Ensure that the silicone breast shield has been sealed properly and that there is no air leakage.
  4. Adjust the ‘+’ button of the control panel to increase the suction.

Breastmilk can’t be pumped out

  1. Ensure that all the parts are installed correctly and that the suction is good.
  2. Use a warm compress and apply to the breast - gently massage the breast towards the nipple to help facilitate a let down.
  3. Contact a lactation consultant to help with individual advice to address your concerns. Learning to use a breast pump is a learnt skill and 

Feeling pain when pumping

  1. Adjust the ‘-’ button on the control panel to reduce the pumping level to be more comfortable.
  2. Use a warm compress and apply to the breast and massage the breast towards the nipple.
  3. Pumping shouldn’t be painful. If you do experience and excessive amount of pain that won’t reduce with these tips, we highly recommend addressing these concerns with your healthcare provider for professional, unique support and healthcare advice and care.

Valve & Diaphragm

In the event that your consumable silicone parts are no longer suctioning properly, you’ll need to replace them. These parts will typically require changing every 2-3 months or more regularly depending on often you pump. This is an estimate only and will depend on how the parts are washed and stored as well.

The ARIA does come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty so if you come across any further issues with your ARIA, please contact our support team who will gladly help you at

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