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I haven’t had the chance to use the Haakaa myself but it was recommended to me by a friend. Before rushing in and buying one I preceded to ask other mum friends if they had heard about the Haakaa and what they thought and they all raved about how much they loved it! Not a bad word at all so I thought what the heck and got one. Stay tuned because I’m sure once I do get to use it, I will be right back here how amazing it is!


Easy to use, no noise. Instant relief from over production!!

Must have baby item!

Great product. Easy to use on the go with no mess and no noise!

Absolute Lifesaver!

Best pump ever. I use this over my expensive electric pump. In love!

One word: YUM!

Absolutely delicious! Great snack to have. I will definitely be ordering more!!!!

Love it, within 3 days I had a stash of frozen milk that I couldn't get with a pump.

Yet to use

I’m haven’t had my bub yet so haven’t used this product. Purchased with the new mum starter pack. Can’t wait to try products.

New mum starter pack

I am yet to have my bub, but I have friends who have raved about this product and highly recommended it - hence me purchasing. Hoping it lives up to my expectations.


Love this product but sometimes find it difficult to attach. Having said that it’s a great product and I highly recommend

Simple to use, great value for money

Happy customer

Thank you very practical and easy to use

Works like a dream


Have not used yet but will come in handy when the time comes, convenient little case they come in also

Super soft!

I received this bottle the other day and was amazed at how soft the silicone bottle and teat really is! I will be looking into getting the Haakaa pack next!

Haaka New Mum starter kit

Bubs is not due until late July so I’m unable to comment on how great this product is, but after being delivered the wrong product one of the customer representatives managed to rectify this issue so quickly and professionally. Overall my experience with Milkbar breast pumps has been exceptional. I can’t wait to be able to use all my goodies 😊

Another Quality Haakaa Product

I love the Haakaa products! This is another favourite the silicone is super soft and the container is a perfect size for introducing small items of fruit such as strawberries or banana the limit is endless


Perfect little pouches for youghurt or home made smoothies easy to fill and don’t take up much room at all!

Mummy’s best friend

This has been amazing! By the end of the day I have 200mls!

Does what it’s meant to do

Simple device. Does what it’s meant to do.

Life Saver!

While I adore my SPECTRA it is not portable and I kept getting mastitis because I could not pump while we were out (my daughter is exclusively express fed, due to high palate issues) .. I did some research and purchased the Haakaa. I am so glad I did. The Haakaa is comfortable and extremely effective. I can express 150ml from each breast in 10 minutes and go about our family days!


Thank you thank you! I love my Haakaa it is such a lifesaver for me who used to struggle to get 50ml using a double pump and can now get over 120ml. I have low supply and our feeding routine is so difficult it could take over 2 hours but it’s just made easier by the Haakaa. Absolutely recommend!

5 stars!

Read some reviews on my mums FB and knew I wanted to get a Haakaa! I have an electric pump however wanted a more convenient pump. Haakaa has definitely impressed great for middle of the night when breast are feeling a bit full. So easy to use and even discretely fits in my bag. The milkbar purchase was smooth and easy! Thanks.

Excellent Customer Service!

I am so glad I found your store, Thank you for the speedy processing and delivery!! - This is what customer service should be like by default :)

Super easy to use & clean. Has allowed me to build a freezer stash with no effort, it’s great to be able to catch what would have otherwise ended up in a breast pad.

Can’t wait to use my new Haakaa

I’m busily preparing for baby #3 to arrive and after watching my sister-in-law use one of these with her newest babe, I knew I needed to have one. I wish I’d had one with my first two!
The purchase was super easy and delivery was very fast.
Extremely happy with the pack and love that you also get a lid as well as a stopper for easy fridge storage.