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Very handy

Great quality product. I am finding it very useful for avoiding leaking everywhere from my other breast while feeding. Saving me time pumping after as well!

Baby can finally breath!

This scarf is not only stylish, it suits so many of my outfits and is so easy to use! Perfect for mums who prefer a bit of modesty while feeding baby. The material is so breathable so bub is no longer hot and uncomfortable under the scarf.

Super easy to use

I am so impressed with this product. Catching my let down whilst feeding on my other breast means I’m building my stash of liquid gold almost effortlessly. So in love with how easy and effective it is!

Great addition to any mum

I don’t leak or let down on the opposite breast when feeding with first or second Bub, but I pop this on once she has done with a feed on a side and get 50 ml without any fuss or plugging in pumps. It is portable and easy to clean. Price is great too.

Best gift for expecting mums

I have had the Haaka for a couple of days and already have a great stash of milk put aside. This is the result of using it in the morning during the first feed. I wish I had the Haaka after my first child when I had low supply and spent hours tied to my electronic pump.

This will now be gifted to my expecting friends who wish to breastfeed. It’s brilliant.

Life changing

So easy to use and is great to use after I pump to make sure I am fully drained. Love it!

Not for me

Honestly didn’t see an increase if anything I saw a decrease on days I ate these. Maybe they’re just not right for me. Taste good though

Hi Caitlin We are sorry to hear that the Choc Chip Lactation Cookies did not work for you. If you want to email us at we can see if we can help you out with something else that may be better suited to you to help with your breastfeeding. Thanks Sarah
Love it

Generally surprised this worked since I never leaked but I’m easily catching 30-100ml each feed from the opposite boob. Love it.


I love them they are so yummy and help to bring my milk through more.

Hot chocolate

Very yummy and helps my milk come through more.

Life Saver, Boobie Sucker

Super easy to use, super convenient, amazing delivery time. Easy to read instructions.
If you have a led down wether is be strong, or weak. The hakka is for you!!!
I've saved so much milk that would have been wasted otherwise. Its hands down the best, quickest, easiest tool ive come across. & i honestly wish i found it sooner in my motherhood jounrey. Its a must have!

Great product

This has helped me start my freezer storage supply!


I like that they are bite sized and not too overpowering as I’ve had ones before that were too sweet, have noticed a great increase in my milk supply aswell!

So easy!

Makes expressing so much easier, I just stick it on the other boob when doing my night feed to create a supply by stealth. Hands free so I can still read my kindle!

I love love a cup of hot choc and this just made my days. I drink one every morning and it not only tastes delicious but it helped my supply so much!! definitely recommend this!

So good!

By the third day I was already obtaining amazing results! A week after I feel it saved my supply.

Very fresh and delicious, I have a cuppa everytime I'm about to pump and I'm already getting good results!

Highly recommend

This product is amazing, so easy and convenient to use. I will be recommending it to all my friends.


Sooo good. Tastes amazing (unlike some other lactation products which can often be not very nice).
Extremely effective in helping boost milk supply also!

Love this pump! I exclusively breast feed so having this handy little pump just means I can catch my letdown and have some breastmilk stored for a rainy day! Highly recommend.

A must have!

I wish I knew about these before I gave birth! I bought a very expensive breast pump that I haven’t used at all since I got one of these! I suffered severe breast engorgement in my first week and struggled with having to pump every hour having to fiddle around with the breast pump. A nurse recommended the Haakaa to me and I haven’t looked back. There’s no horrible noise or lots of fiddling around with parts when I have to get up in the middle of the night. I just put them on and do other things. Plus I never thought about all the places it’s hard to use an electric pump, like in the car, out at a cafe while breastfeeding, out and about, the haakaa has been a god send being able to be used any where! I’ve got a two which helps for rotation and times when I need to express but my son isn’t hungry. They’ve significantly increased my milk supply. In 6weeks I’ve gone from worrying about having to use formula to having a full freezer of breast milk. I also found them to be a great tool when I had a blocked duct (in combination with other home remedies) it was easily and quickly managed before it got worse. I’m so grateful that I have them! I only wish I had known sooner so that my first week would’ve gone smoother! I recommend them to everyone, definitely a must have in the mum tool kit!


These delicious bite size cookies are just awesome and simply perfect when you’re up again for that 3am feed and feeling the need for a bit of a pick-me-up. I wish I knew about them before I gave birth. They are perfect with the Mama’s milk lactation tea.

Easy to use and just as efficient as a pump

I use a pump and haakaa at the same time. And usually I get more from the haakaa than the pump! It's a great product. Delivered promptly and well packaged. Reccomend to other mums as a much cheaper alternative to an electric pump or at least great to use in combo.


These cookies are super yummy! Yes you can taste a bit of the brewers yeast, but a lot less than I’ve tasted in others. I actually really enjoy these- so much so I need to stop myself from devouring the entire pack! I’m using these with the smoothies and together I’ve noticed a massive bump in my milk supply.


I looove these drinks! Not only are they immensely effective, they’re crazy delicious. I was not expecting them to be so yummy!