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Pregnant Woman Staple item

I automatically expressed 80mL on one breast and the other courtesy of my Hakaa 40mL without even trying. Of course individual experiences will differ but I dare think how much milk I've wasted before I had the Hakaa in my life. I love it!!!

Not good for small hands

I purchase the gen3 for the convenience of having the bottle but I have quite small hands and I can’t get my hand around the bottle to squeeze it at all. So haven’t been able to use it. I notice the original is a smaller bottle and seems more flexible. Wish I had gotten that instead!!

Thank you Steph for taking the time for taking the time to review the Haakaa Gen3 pump. Compared to Gen2 the Gen3 is made of a thicker silicone, so that the attachment can be changed from pump to bottle. The thicker silicone also results in an increase in suction for the pump. Although it is thicker it is still easy to squeeze, we suggest squeezing from the base of the pump compared to getting your hand around the whole bottle. We offer a range of Haakaa sizes so that mum's can select the best one suited to their needs :)

I bought this after a lactation consultant suggested it due to engorgement.
I am able to catch the let down throughout the day and allows my husband to use my expressed breast milk to bottle feed our daughter at 4am - allowing extra sleep for me and bonding time for my hubby.
I will definitely be getting this for future baby shower gifts. Best investment.


Borrowed an electric pump from a friend for the first 3 months, harsh pumping, have to hold it, 6 pieces to wash and sterilise each time, nightmare! This pump is so much better, it’s effortless and wonderful and so easy to use, watch a YouTube tutorial to make sure you’re putting it on properly though. 100% recommend

Pretty impressed

I was pretty hesitant about buying another pump, after both a manual and electric pump yielded only mediocre results from my low supply, but I'm actually very impressed! Easy to use, and have been slowly collecting more and more each day. Particularly awesome to use during the night-time feeds while bubby is feeding on the other side. Silent (so hubby isn't awakened) and no more freezing cold shirt from the letdown leakage.

Will be ordering for my sister-in-law and friends for their baby shower gifts for sure!

Fantastic service

Fantastic service and a great product

So easy!

I wish I had the Haakaa pump with my first baby. I love being able to catch the milk I’d normally be wasting while breastfeeding. Highly recommend!

Started my stores and even had some for a milk bath!

Excellent way to catch the letdown on the other side but I'm trying to figure out if this is what is causing me overproduction. Is it really catching just what would drop out or is it actually sucking more out as well? Either way, my newborn is a week old and I've stored 30 ounces already!!! So it's a happy problem.

Hi Leonie, All breast pumps when used regularly will signal to your body to create more breastmilk. The Haakaa does use gentle suction so it is more than just a milk collector. If you want to continue to express and are worried about creating oversupply we recommend using the Haakaa for relief and comfort. It is important if you are experiencing oversupply that you drain the breast particularly if you have any hard spots or blocked ducts. If in doubt we recommend contacting your GP or IBCLC for specific and personalised advice.
Very handy

This pump is compact, easy to use and doesnt require extra pumping time! Collecting the let down from the other side while bubs is feeding is so handy. The only issue I had was the postage delay - it took Australia Post 4 days to deliver although I paid for Express.


I was very hesitant to pump because I didn’t want to mess with my supply. When I came across the Haakaa, I thought I’d give it ago and catch the let down on the other side when I fed. Wow. I am so glad I bought this it’s amazing!!’ I know have emergency milk in the freezer


So convenient and easy to use. Has helped kick start my freezer stash and I love it

Mum’s sippy helpers!

Love them. Cute colours. A bit tricky to put over wider necked cups but once they’re on, they securely convert the cup to no spill.

Cute and handy

Fits securely into Hakaa pump. Super cute way to prevent spills.

Super handy for Hakaa

Fits tight and securely to Hakaa pump. Handy to prevent spillage.

Wish I brought it earlier

This is such a great pump. So easy put it on and let it do the job.


I expected to not like the taste of this but wow I was wrong. It is absolutely delicious and I am definitely going to have to buy more. My milk has increased so much since starting this.

Thank you

Yummy, perfect amount of flavour... Just started eating them today so not sure if it's increased my supply.

This mix is very yummy. I personally don't find it sweet which it perfect! Really loving it... Just started today so haven't noticed if it's increased my supply.

Loving my Hakka

Love love love! I only wish I knew about it sooner. So simple to use and makes use of precious milk that would have leaked into my bra and been wasted. When you are having to express after every feed the Hakka makes a big difference!


Wish I had this for my first two children. I have an oversupply of milk so I don't really need to pump but needed something to collect all the extra milk from one side while bub feeds from the other. Best invention ever - I can use it while I'm out in public and no one knows because there is no noise like a breast pump, I'm comfortable without being engorged. So simple but so effective!

Excellent service and product


If you are trying to relactate or transition from a bottle and are struggling with traditional shields, these are great. I find it can get a bit tight around the nipple after a while but better than not breastfeeding. It can be easily filled to give bub an instant taste to encourage sucking and the suction helps draw milk into the shield once your flow has started. It has saved breastfeeding for us.

Amazing Product

Absolute MUST HAVE for all breasfeeding Mums who wany to express. Such an easy item to use! And I love that I dont have to 'double up' and spend other time expressing, instead I can express while feeding.

My go to gift for every new mum

I wish I had this 10
Weeks ago. This product is simple to use, easy to clean and and is a massive life changer.
I love it and every new mum should have one.

New Mum Starter Kit

LOVE!! So happy with the Haaka will be recommending this to all my new mums and I will use this for all my babies amazing thank you!