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Making life easier!

As if coming home with a newborn isn’t hard enough - then you end up with leaky boobs and covered in milk during feeds. Now that I’m using the Haakaa I can collect 70mls per feed from the opposite side and have it ready to go in the fridge for those hungry top ups. Love love love - thank you!

So happy!

Simple to use and so effective, so easy to save and store breastmilk without actually having to pump!! Love it!


Hands free makes this pump so much better and easier than others.

So simple to use

Was so easy to use and is a great item to have as it can be use hands free!

Surprised by how good it actually is

I was a little bit skeptical about the idea but after only 5 minutes i got 30ml of milk out which would normally take me around 20 mins. I also liked how easy it is, just put it on and that’s it no pumping or noise from an electric one. Definitely would recommend it to breastfeeding mums

Best invention ever!!

I am so impressed with this! Am getting more milk in this than my big name breast pump.

Simple and easy to use!

I never even tried my electric pump, just kept using this. Makes so much more sense to collect what is being let down from one breast while your baby is feeding on the other. I get about 120ml from 3-4 feeds each day and freeze it for later use. Amazing product, small and portable. Sometimes it can be a little awkward keeping it attached if bub is wriggling around. Because it is sitting against his body while he feeds, it ends up at a funny angle and if the suction goes then it comes pouring out! Have had a few spills.. but practice makes perfect. It's totally worth it.


Extremely happy. Building up lots of goodness for bub in the freezer

Brilliant invention!

They are absolutely great, especially if you leak a lot or have overactive letdown or oversupply. I had all these things with my first son three years ago and I didn’t know about the Haakaa. I can’t pump with normal pumps. Now I bought two Haakaas but I have only minimal leakage, so I’m not using them much.

Favourite baby product

I wish I'd had one with my first. My freezer stash is growing quickly with no extra pumping sessions, which is brilliant. I just love that no drop of milk is wasted now, my let down on the other side has become a blessing not a curse!

Very happy

Super comfy and fits really well. I like the back cross clip hook for extra support. Now to actually do some sport in this sports bra...

Best manual breast pump

I didn’t want to pump a lot just enough to give a bottle here and there. This have been such a great purchase. So easy to use and so portable. It’s a breast feeing mum’s best friend. It also can catch the letdown on the other side while feed. So good!!

Very happy, every breastfeeding mum needs a haakaa, so comfortable and easy to use

Hands Free Haakaa!

Super effective and most importantly hands free!
Highly recommended.

Love how easy it is to use and that I don't have to hold it in place. Really good for catching a letdown while feeding. The suction is pretty strong though and can be a bit uncomfortable.


Really impressed that I can get 10-50ml from just having a steady constant drip while I'm feeding on the other side. Saves so much wasted milk :)

Great idea!

Really good, discreet, comfortable, doesn’t leak , easy to clean and use!

Good product

Good product but my daughter keeps knocking it off with her legs so i've stopped using it. What a shame

So simple but so effective

This product just makes sense. So handy to take the edge off before Bub tries to latch on or to catch the let down from the other breast when feeding.
We also give Bub probiotics and it’s so easy now to quickly express the small amount I need to mix the powder into :)

So easy!

This product is fantastic. I have an electric pump I used for my first and was not looking forward to starting to pump again with my second, but wanted some expressed milk for bottle feeds. Plus, I was soaking up so much excess milk with cloths and breast pads. Now, I easily collect 100-200 mls per day. I love that I can use while feeding without the noise of an electric pump. Would defy recommend.

love it!

Love everything about this. But mostly that it’s silent and effective!

Great little device

I really don't enjoy electric pumps and this works great for me. I don't feel like I'm being milked like a cow. It's very comfortable and easy to use :)

So far so good...

I cannot confirm if this has worked for me yet but I can confirm the purchasing, shipping and packaging was all perfect! Thank you :)

Worth every penny

Delivery was quick but the massager was missing. However it was rectified pretty much straightaway after I sent an email to notify milkbar about the missing item.

great bundle for a new mum who is new to breastfeeding. The haakaa breast pump is easy to use and doesn’t hurt as much as the other breast pump. Massager is useful to unclog milk ducts and the heat/compress comes handy to help with sore breast!

Breast feeding must have!

The Haakaa is such a great little pump! Easy clean and portable, which is important for new mums. I’m saving so much breast milk every feed, it’s amazing! 5 stars, recommended this to all my mum friends.