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Nutella cookies

Delicious and addictive!! 😍😍

Good it comes with the pouch

Good it comes with the pouch

Delicious Gift

Thought I’d give it a go seeing as it was a free gift and it’s delicious. A nice way to have some calm time once baby goes to sleep.

Love it!

Love this nipple shield as it helps protect my nipple from cracking and damage. Recommend!

Good purchase, I wish I found it earlier!

Good purchase, I wish I found it earlier!

Silver nursing cups are a lifesaver

These are fantastic when your having a hard time breastfeeding and your nipples are so sore.

Great Collector

Easy to use
Received it quickly
Good value

Great products.

I'm very happy with my purchase. All the products are quality and being able to purchase them in a bundle at a discounted price was so helpful, especially with the cost of living at the moment. The nail file works really well on bubs little nails without causing any damage.

Catch and release

Easy to use and clean. Catch let down and express between feeds. Allows second mother to bond and feed baby. We've just bought the orthodontic medium teat for when baby is over 3 mths.

Best lactation cookies

About to complete my second order. Best midnight snack for a breastfeeding mum


LOVE LOVE LOVE! First time soon to be mama & the moment I was introduced to the lactivate silver nursing cups, I was sold! 😍

I’ve had mine for over 2 weeks now. I use them everyday especially leading up to labour they couldn’t have come at such a better time.

I absolutely love how easy they are to use. My breast leak 3-4 times daily so they come in handy being reusable! I don’t have to worry about buying nursing pads etc, I can just clean them with warm water and they’re ready to go again.

The natural instant healing and relief they bring to my aching nipples helps when it comes trying to achieve day to day activities. HIGHLY RECOMMEND whether it’s your first, second or third. They won’t disappoint! 🤩💕

Great nursing bra

I was resistant to getting a nurse bra with clips as I have heard mixed things but I love this bra. Super comfy, easy to use and great material. Recommend to all BF mummas!

Mum to be- happy with my choice!

I’m excited to have them in preparation for EBF, however I haven’t started yet! Everyone raves about them so I have a bunch I’ve made the right cho ie!

a nice simple product

compact and easy to use, it seemed to help increase my supply and was an easy way to transfer milk for my baby who is having trouble with direct feeding



Nice taste

Nice taste, and I'm pretty sure it has helped with colic!

Highly recommend these nursing cups!

The l activate silver nursing cups absolutely saved my nipples! They were so sore and cracked in those first weeks and after one use, I notice a huge difference! Highly recommend!

my favourite breast feeding product

Makes collecting let down and building up an easy freezer supply of milk so easy

Multi-purpose gel packs

I love that these come with covers and instructions on the gel pack itself

Got me through every contraction

This comb played an essential role in my labour and I couldn't have gotten through without it

Feeding syringe

Very good, great quality and highly recommend.

Great product

This tea tastes great! I'm not usually a fan of herbal blends but this one was delicious and easy to incorporate a few cups a day approaching my due date

Great product!

I wasn’t 100% sure how these would go as I’ve used something similar before and didn’t work that great but I love these! Easy suction, comfortable and easy to clean - would definitely recommend!

Amazing product

Deffinitly reccomend these Nursing cups

100 times better than my diy version!!

Just buy the hands free pump bra! At first I thought it was just unnecessary and cut holes in an old bra to use but this was an absolute game changer. So much quicker to put on and off with it being strapless and velcro, the band provides support and secures the flanges and light pressure on the boob to assist with expressing. I use it multiple times a day and can’t fault it at all.


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