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baby brush

So soft and gentle on the scalp. Wonderful product


Pretty convenient. Little bit slower than hand-pump, though.

After a friend recommended the haakaa I waited til my baby was born before I decided. Well it took 1 day before I was trying to buy one.
It helped as my supply came in and my daughter wasn’t feeding much. Then came my supply and came in like Niagara Falls. I got engorged breasts and nipples and of course mastitis. I wasn’t able to move let alone feed and express. The haakaa was such a more gentle way to get some relief and get the milk out. It helped so much and had I not had this I know things would of got a lot worse. And so much milk saved from using this bad boy.
Love and recommend to everyone

Amazing Device!!

I am so pleased I stumbled across this little gem!!
I suffer massively from blocked ducts from oversupply and it has worked so well in helping to relieve and move blockages, which just wasn't working with hand massaging. And it has so many options with different vibration settings and speeds.
Cannot recommend it more highly! :)

Works well

Quick shipping and works well with my spectra S1. Widely adjustable size is an excellent feature. Easy to use with zip up front.

Gentle on the nipples. Easy to use and clean.

Was recommended with baby #3! I think this product needs to be heavily marketed as those who have used it.. swear by it. I love it and will recommend to every mother as a ‘must have’. This is essential.

Best purchase!!

These are perfect. Bub had really long nails and kept scratching herself. Clipping or filing her nails was impossible as she wouldn't stop moving. It took me 5 mins with these and it was done! They can touch the skin and it doesn't hurt her... she didnt even notice what was happening at all.


Love this pump, it's easy to use and doesn't require any effort. I can't believe I only discovered this product for baby number 3

Great product

This Haakaa really helped me with the milk collecting easy to use and so convenient also very fast post ever i love this Haakaa


Taste's good, seen a slight difference in more supply coming through, this tea is great to have in the morning and before bed.


One happy mama! & Satisfied baby!.

Haakaa breast pump

Best one I've ever used, easy and affordable, will come back again to order.

Best $40 I’ve ever spent

So easy to use and clean. I wish I knew about this before I wasted $200 on an electric pump.

Must have

I can't recommend this enough. Its so easy to use and the best thing about it, is you can cut bubs finger. Every mum should have one of these.


I needed a pump to get bub and I through the transition back to uni and work. I absolutely love the convenience of having a double electric pump. But the versatility to use it as a single, is hands down the best. This pump enabled me to save time, by being able to pump during our commute, pumping breaks and out and about. The ability to use the pump with or without the silicone massager was part of the reason I chose this product. I loved the softness and I felt it took away the clinical-ness of using a breast pump.
Thank you so much Milkbar for having amazing products and customer service :D

Love it !

Wish I bought it earlier . Love the fact that you don’t even need to pump manually and that you can use it while baby feeds on the other breast.

Game Changer!

I have a massive oversupply and forceful let down and the haakaa makes such a difference in managing it, by collecting the initial let down so my newborn can manage the flow. Wish I had one with my first child!


Purchased after being recommended from another mum... WHAT A RELIEF! I was able to trim bubs nails whole she was asleep with no issue, she is a huge scratcher/pincher while breastfeeding and after this she can scratch and pinch away without those sharp little nails! Such a lifesaver

The best!

I used the weleda oil while I was pregnant for my itchy stretchy skin and fell in love with the brand. Bubs had some dry skin on her shins and forehead at 5 weeks and I was looking for a solution that wasnt full of harsh chemicals and ingredients I didn't understand, after using this a couple of times bubs dryskin has cleared up and she is loving massage time :)

Love it

Absolutely love the Hakkaa generation three bottles already have two small ones so adding the big one to the collection was a no brainer really! Love the convenience of being able to pump and feed from the same bottle it takes out so much fiddling around.

Absolutely amazing AGAIN

We love it, easy to assemble, dissemble & clean. We love that it’s soft and bendable unlike its counterparts. The chewable handles is also a great addition.

Another quality product!

Best teether ever made

This is actually the best. I gave my little girl a baby toothbrush the chew on before finding this. She loved the feeling on her itchy gums and being able to hold it. Then we found this one, it’s actually her favourite. She hold onto it for hours, chewing away. Best teether around!!

Simple & Easy

This pump definitely lives up to all the hype. Super easy and simple to built up a milk supply. I use it on the opposite breast to what I'm feeding on, collecting about 10/20mls each feed, before you know it I've collected over 150mls in a day.

Was amazing

Love the haaka it works better then my electric pump. Cookies great but would life more choc chips in them.