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Great product

Very happy with this product and will recommend to anyone with consistent blocked ducts

Not as expected

This product is more to catch let downs and not so much a manual pump. I bought it hoping I can suck out clogs but it’s suction isn’t that strong. It’s good for ppl who have lots of milk.

Hi Fei,
The Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump is a special kind of manual breast pump. It is more than just a let down catcher as it does provide gentle suction to help collect breastmilk. We actually have a great article about how some of our mums use the Haakaa when suffering from blocked ducts here:
While the Haakaa is great for people with oversupply it has also helped many mums on the other end of the spectrum with low supply or mums who find it difficult to pump.
Kind Regards,

Very yummy 😋

Very satisfied with this hot chocolate! Will definitely buy again

Comfortable and hassle free

Very easy to use and my baby has no problem latching on.

Better than my last electric pump

Catches my let down with ease and super comfortable. So relieved that I discovered the haakaa!

Life saver!

My bub was taken to NICU within a few hours after her birth and had to be force fed formula through bottles. Due to this, we were unable to breastfeed although we continued to try when home through many tears. Unfortunately she just could not latch - or didn’t want to as it was not what she was used to. I was just about to give up when I saw an advertisement for these nipple shields (after already purchasing the haakaa and loving it). I figured I had nothing to lose and purchased the round nipple shield and triangular nipple shield. My baby instantly took to the round nipple shield which was most similar to her bottle teats and this is how we fed for a week before I decided to give it a go without the shield. I can now proudly say that I have a breastfeeding bub when I didn’t think it would ever be possible! I am absolutely thrilled and truly have this purchase to thank! Best invention. Honestly, whoever thought of these is genius!


Came across this product by chance when purchasing lactation teas from milk bar site and after reading some reviews decided to give it a go and I have to say it was the best purchase decision as this product is great for expressing mamas out there. Best part for me is the heat function.

Works a treat

I found afternoons I’d have issues with my LO, having this mixed into a smoothie for afternoon tea gives me a boost :) tastes good as well.

Customer service from the milkbar was exceptional.

I just wanted to write and say how wonderful the LaVie is.
I have scar adhesions from heart surgery and as everything stretches in pregnancy the pain was intense.
What used to take a solid 10 minutes of massaging takes a few minutes with the LaVie.
Customer service from the milkbar was exceptional.

Comfy and lightweight nursing pads! They are slightly bigger than others I've tried which makes them more effective for girls with a bigger bust! Definitely my favourites so far- ordered a second set!

These pads are soft and absorbent. However they take a bit longer to dry than others.

Comfortable, supportive and practical! A great find!

Not for me

My son didn't latch using the shield, it seemed quite large and stuck out a long way from my actual nipple? He had to hold his head back to get onto the shield and suck.
Seems like it was made of good quality material and was shipped promptly.

Love your product

Very very happy with my purchase of the Haakaa breast pump!! My midwife recommended it.
Really great design. Dont need to use any other pump. Would highly rate it and i love it thank you for inventing such a clever design that is so convenient to use <3

Love this product

This product has been great for helping build up low milk supply.

So easy and cute!!

Perfect for collecting let down and so easy to use. Sits neatly in the bra so you don’t have to try to hold it on, as well as nursing Bub. Won’t get kicked off either if you have a thrashy baby like I do!!

Very grateful for this product

I bought this because I was having reoccurring blocked milk ducts and was getting very little sleep trying relieve the pressure in the shower and with the pump over night- neither of which were working very well! This product broke up a lump I was starting to get almost instantly! My son was less frustrated because the flow was better so drained my breast super quickly!! Whenever I feel a lump I get stuck straight into it with this - even better that it’s water proof as once the lump in broken up a get a bit of a let down, so doing it in the shower is much less mess!
I look forward to using while pumping to help build up a bit of a supply so my husband can start bottle feeding!

Sturdy and practical

I am using these to freeze breast milk in more sensible portions than the silly freezer bags. It is so good. I freeze in the tray, pop out and store a few blocks in the same bag. The lid is great and I like that the tray is reinforced so it doesn't warp.

A bit disappointing

Not as absorbent as similar products from other brands. But soft with a nice pattern.

Hi Gabrielle,
Thank you for your feedback it is much appreciated. Lactivate is our brand of nursing pads that we have just been released. Based off our experience our first product has a 3 layer mid range absorbency. This is sufficient for most mums but we do understand that some mums require an additional layer. We are looking at having another option for mums with more leakage. Like all reusable nursing pads, once wet they should be replaced with fresh pads so bacteria isn't allowed to grow. Of course with reusable pads they can be washed and reused. Kind Regards, Diana

Ready for top ups!

This is genius! My bub is little so when she tires on the breast she often needs a small top up. With this Haakaa I have at least 30ml collected from the other breast ready to transfer into a bottle and go. Easy to use, easy to clean!

It works!

This got lots of good reviews so I was willing (and desperate) to try it out as my arms and hands were getting sore from holding the breast shields all the time. This actually does work and I’m now hands free and can move around a bit with an extension cord plugged in.

Best 2am night feeding purchase!

After ordering this nipple shield with tears in my eyes only 1 week into breastfeeding with my newborn I am beyond impressed!
My newborn was having a difficult time latching correctly due to my large nipples and his small mouth, my nipples were cracked and bleeding and my baby was frustrated due to me attempting to get him to latch so many times. After reviewing and contemplating I ordered a nipple shield at 2am Tuesday morning and my order arrived on the Thursday! With this shield my nipples have been able to recover quickly and after a week of using the shield I am now able to successfully get baby to latch without the shield and with no more pain on my end and frustration on his! I experienced no issues with the shield, easy to attach to my breast and my milk let down happened quite quickly once baby started to suck. 5 stars from me!

Works like a charm!

The pumpstrap has changed my life! It holds flanges securely so that I can get on with other things and has allowed me to go back to work. The only thing I would like to adjust is the extra length of strap that hangs loose on me. Highly recommended!

Simply amazing

I love the Haaka, after using big name brands in both electric and manual pumps the Haaka is the only one that has worked for me. It’s incredibly easy to use, it’s has been a lifesaver to help manage engorgement.

Practical and Effective

These have helped manage my engorgement while my breastfeeding establishes. I have been using one pad for heat (before expressing with the Haaka) and the other pad for cold after I finish feeding. There design makes them the best on the market in my eyes.