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Flavour nice

Nice tasting


lovely shakes, working so far i think. will update in a week or so :)

Money worth the buck

So I used this for weeks after my baby had jaundice initially and we had to bottle feed her 20 ml expressed milk after breast feeding, and I didnt have a breast pump. It worked perfectly I was able to express up to 30 ml with each feed, sometimes even 40. I have know bought a breast pump because you can only use the hakaa when feeding, but instead of douple pumping I use breast pump on one side and hakaa on the other because hakaa most of the time expresses just as much as breast pump. I would highly recommend this especially if you want to hold off in buying a pump to see first what your breast feeding circumstances are and what you need.

Breast feeding must have

Initially when I started breastfeeding my breasts became quite engorged and then clogged a couple of times. Each time I took a nice long hot shower, and also placed a warm cloth on my breast, massaged the hard spots with the lavie lactation massager and within a day the clogged bumpy areas and pain would be gone! It works so easy and its small so easy to store it in any bag to take with.

Best Bra

Makes hands free expressing a breeze!

Best pump ever!

I am so happy with this pump! I almost gave up breastfeeding/ pumping until my Haaka pump arrived. I have been effortlessly storing all my extra milk everyday and I love that it you don’t have to be stuck on the couch hooked up to cords and little bits and pieces, I can walk around the house and get things done while the pump is attached! Cutest packaging, so affordable, I literally am obsessed with everything about my purchase! Thankyou!

Great bra

Would buy again. Very supportive


Im loving hiw easy it is


Absolutely love my Hakaa. I was sceptical and hesitated for a long time to purchase, but it really is amazing. It catches so much breastmilk, that my husband had the opportunity to feed our baby. I highly recommend and wish I got it with my 1st pregnancy.

Game changer

Worth every cent. Get one! Or two!

Great products and service outstanding

I love the feel of the bottles, so sturdy and such a great set. The service and delivery I cannot fault, outstanding and super responsive! Would definitely be shopping here again!

Amazing pump

I was very skeptical when told about this pump but I had so many issues with blocked ducts and lumps from over supply of milk that i was willing to try anything. Rather than electric breast pump that stimulates more milk production this helped drain some from the other breast while feeding, without overly increasing supply. I get about 50-100ml off during each feed to freeze for later. Since using this system no more lumps

Easy to Use

Great product, so easy to use. I get more milk from putting this on the other side when feeding than I do from an electric breast pump.

Happy customer

Have tried several pumps Both electric and manual, but nothing compares to the haakaa gen 3, one very satisfied mumma. Makes expressing very easy.

Easy to use!

Great product, my baby doesn’t even notice I file her nails and no risk to hurt her.
The only thing I am not sure about is the light as it doesn’t really help to see better however does the job well and like the different stages


These cookies were so yummy and I noticed a huge difference in my supply. Will be buying these as gifts for any of my friends having babies.

I love my Haakaa silicone pump! They are just so efficient and easy to use.

Don't bother with a hand or electric pump! The haakaa is amazing and all you need! I've been recommending it to everyone!


Such an amazing invention! Saved so much milk for the freezer stash just by catching the letdown each feed 🙌🏻

Lactation massager

This was a game changer. I had so much pain from lumps and blocked ducts but this has really helped loosen and get into hard to reach places

Not for me!

I used this a few times and after each use my breasts were sore and tender. The following day I would notice blocked ducts and had to try to massage them out. I can see how this would be a great time saver for some however it just wasn’t for me!

Hi Belinda - Thank you for your review. I am sorry to hear that you didn't have a positive experience with the Haakaa pump. Using any breast pump should never be a painful experience. If you ever feel pain we recommend removing the pump and readjusting the position. Also not having a strong suction might might also help you in this instance. If you don't take all the air out of the pump by not squeezing as hard when applying to the breast. We are always here to help :)

Really really good. Although it isn't SUPER comfortable if you have it suctioned too tight

Gen 3

Been loving using this. Easy and convenient.

A good investment

The Haakaa pump was recommended by a mid wife in hospital, to take the edge off the feeling of fullness. It has been easy to use and easy to clean.