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Amazing product! I wish I got in to it sooner! No more milky mess or hundreds of loads of washing thanks to the Haakaa pump!

Cannot fault company

I ordered a Haakaa. It arrived extremely quickly and then I was pleasantly surprised to see they sent me emails about how to use the pump. Excellent customer service. I will definitely use this company again.

A beautiful cream

A very nice thick and gentle barrier cream.

Awesome massager

Bought this to help with sore milk ducts and to help let down

Best Pump Bra Ever!

Bought this to express and I love the fact I can express both breast and be hands free. Highly recommend

Excellent product

Very sore boobs in the early weeks, even the electric breast pump hurt. This is pain free ‘pumping’ and great amounts!

A game changer!

What an amazing product this is. I was so sick of pumping, I hated doing it. Now I can just collect milk easily while I feed my baby boy, it’s all stocking up in the fridge it’s brilliant!!


Very easy to use. Amazed at how much milk I can store at every feed


I have found these bottles really useful to use with my Unimom pump! The bright coloured measurements on the side of the bottle make it really easy to see how much you have pumped while pumping. The delivery was also super fast!

Time Saver!

This pump is really good! It has made feeding my baby a lot less hassle and time consuming as I am able to pump both sides within 30 minutes giving my baby two 110ml feeds. Would definitely recommend it, especially over using a manual pump!!

Love it

This is a must have for every mum!!! It is effortless breast pumping!!! Life saver

Wish I got earlier

When I came home from having my baby I was so engorged I made my husband go out and buy a $300 pump to get me through.. the next day my midwife suggested I get a haakaa, so I did, and I wished I got it from the get go! My son favoured one side so I had issues with him latching the other bigger side, with the haakaa it caught the let down while I fed him on his favoured side, which in turn allowed him to swap sides and latch the other, all while building a supply so my husband can help with feeds during the night! Absolutely Worth the hype!

Finally a bra that fits my pump!

This is the only bra I could find that fit my Minbie breast pump and didn’t have the tiny holes like the Medela, that require the pump to be pulled apart to attach it. So convenient!
I can finally freely move about.

So yummy

I got mastitis in the first few days of my bub being born. With that, 1 breast when recovered could only get about 5ml for the last 4 weeks. Since taking these after 4 days that breast can now pump 50ml.

Highly recommend... plus they taste amazing

Easy - Practical

Practical pump. Just attach there and suck.

Life saver!

This manual hands free pump is the best thing in my life right now and I'm totally about to order a second one. I exclusively pump for my baby and this is so light weight and easy to use I can pump any time with 2 kids under 2 without fear of it spilling or batteries dying and there's no tubes or wires to get us all tangled up in. The amount it catches at let down and after a shower alone makes it way worth it but I haven't even touched my electric pump since and my supply has definitely increased. I'm still rapt with this purchase.

A must!

If I would have known about the Haakaa pump on time I wouldn't have wasted too much money on other pumps that are not gentle at all with the nipples and are time consuming.
Haakaa pump is a must for moms that want that extra milk for little ones. Affordable, easy to use and clean.
Super recommended

Best breast pump

When I first heard of the HaaKaa I was a bit sceptical, but I bought it and gave it a go, and it’s honestly the best pump. I use it every feed just to get a small amount from each feed, and by the end of the day, I’ve got enough EBM to fill a bag and freeze. No more electric pump needed. Highly recommend!!

Second chance at breastfeeding ❤️

Thank you so much for my nipple shield you have given me the chance to breastfeed after to failed attempts with previews children.... I was about to give up I was exhausted expressing then I came across your shield since it’s arrived I have had baby full time on the breast and No need to use the pump.... have even purchased extra shields now ❤️

Love it

Really easy and convenient. I have been able to express everyday and stock up on extra feeds! I hate manual pumps because you have to dedicate time out to pump and store milk with the Haakaa you can do it while feeding!

The haakaa saved breastfeeding for us following attachment issues and a very sore nipple meaning no feeds from one side. I was able to express milk from the affected side until the nipple had time to recover for us to try again. This tired mumma had no chance of figuring out an electric pump so the haakaa’s ease of use was just what we needed.


I purchased my Haakaa thinking it wouldn’t work, but with its help, And in just 1 week I have caught 1.5litres of let down milk to keep in my freezer for when I go back to work. No extra pumping, just popping on the Haakaa while I’m feeding. So easy, so effective, so quick!
Best investment yet!

Great pump

I use the pump daily, I don’t like expressing much but find the Haakaa picks up all the excess liquid gold (i.e milk) when I’m feeding my baby. Easy to use, good suction etc. Great product!


This is my 2nd time ordering & I thought I’d try a different flavour this time. The fig & almond are just as delicious as the choc chip & I love that these cookies taste healthier than other others out there on the market. I have tried others and they are too sweet. The size are great because you can have 1 or 2 depending on your appetite rather than having 1 large cookie.
Will definitely be purchasing more as they have become a bit of an afternoon staple for me now!
Not only are they delicious but I really see a difference in my supply on the days that I do/don’t have them. Xx

Hassle free pumping!

Can't believe I didn't get one of these earlier! Hassle (And hands) free pumping. Perfect for keeping up freezer supply without having to worry about getting on the electric pump after a feed. Can't recommend enough!