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I’d heard good things about it but I was a little sceptical, the first time I used it I literally hated myself for not getting one sooner. It’s actually been a lifesaver, wouldn’t use anything else!

Must have!

Love love love it!

Great for teething

I’m really happy with this product. My son is eating solids with no problems however we had been having problems with him chewing on his fingers, sticking them in too far and making himself sick thanks to his one year old molars trying to make an early appearance. No tether had worked until this one. My little food monster will happily chew on this with some strawberry or banana inside instead of his hands which is really wonderful.


I’m so in love with this massager. It arrived two days after I got out of hospital from mastitis and it had been such a life saver. After damaging my skin trying to remove the blockage this helped move it pain free which has let the skin heal but the blockage still move. It’s amazing.

So happy with the Haaka pump

the Haaka pump makes collecting milk easy and stress free. I was genuinely surprised with the volume I was able to collect just by popping it on my other breast while feeding. It doesnt take any extra time, is simple to use and has helped me build a pretty substantial stash of milk.

Where the Haakaa you been all my life

I can't believe I'm only finding out about this pump now after 6 months of feeding my daughter. I've been using a medela electric pump, even though it worked it was so time consuming. The Haakaa is so simple to use, it gets just as much milk as my expensive electric pump, it's so easy to clean and there's no baby distracting noise so I just pump while feeding. I've only had it a week and I'm already thrilled, I just wish I'd known about it sooner


The best thing I’ve bought for bub. He’s not even a week old and I’m able to “catch” around 90mls to put in bottles for Dad and grandparents to feed the little man and give me a break!

Perfect for travel, easy to use

Love this. I bought it specially to travel with and it is so easy to use! Has made expressing so much quicker and easier. A no-brainer purchase!

Works like promised

Good product but for the price it would be nice to get a lid included

Best Thing

It’s amazing! Definitely worth the purchase. Has replaced my normal pump as I don’t have to time pumping between feeds.


Soo easy to use! Also nice and quiet, no annoying pump noise.

Great for overflow collection

This arrived heaps quick and has been great for
Capturing my overflow when feeding through the night. It’s a little fiddle to get used to but once I did I was collecting about 60mls overnight which I use to top up my baby in the evenings when my supply is low. Baby takes to the bottles great as well!!

Super Handy

Easy to use, great to use while Im feeding, saving time and milk. Plus catches my let down so I tend to leak less throughout the day

Not quite there yet

Still new on my breast feeding journey, yet to figure at the haakaa. At best Ive been able to use it to catch my leakage on one breast while feeding on the other. My son is only 4 weeks so plenty of time to get the hang of it!


I absolutely love this breast pump. I originally bought a Tommee Tippee electric breast pump and struggled to even get 15ml with a full breast even though I would leak 30ml when my baby was feeding on the opposite side. The first time I used the Haakaa I got 60ml in 10mins. I am so happy with it. So simple to use. Highly recommend!!


Good quality, makes it a lot more comfortable.

I'm telling everyone!

This product is amazing! My baby was born prematurely and I struggled with my milk supply in the early days. I was pumping regularly even once she came home, but I struggled to collect very much. A friend recommended Haakaa and it changed everything. I use it whilst feeding and am able to give my little one a consistent 30ml bottle top up each feed to help with her weight gain, plus pop a little away for later use. I get more using the Haakaa this way than I have ever been able to using the electric pump. Without my Haakaa I don't think I would have been able to give the bottle top ups my baby needed, as expressing was just too time consuming and difficult to manage regularly. Now I use Haakaa each feed and the electric breast pump occasionally and I'm finally feeling on top of feeding. It's been a game changer and I'm telling every new Mum I know!!

Can't get a better product!

Love love my haaka, easy to use easy to clean and a stress free way to collect milk all whilst feeding bubs. Highly recommend best $30 I've spent!

So simple

No cords or tubing, no batteries, no noisy pumping. It’s perfect for what I needed. I use the Haakaa while my little one feeds on the other side and it works really well. The flower is a cute addition and has saved many spills!

Fantastic product. I was frustrated when I would leak through my tops when breastfeeding. These amazing cups collect the letdown either before or in the opposite breast whilst feeding. Fairly comfy and reasonably discrete. Only negative was I paid for express shipping and it was delivered to WA by Australia Post Express, had I known this I wouldn’t have paid the extra as it still took 5 days to come...

In love!

I have struggled with pumping breast milk since my little one was born - i get more using this than I do in a pump pumping for 30 mins!
It’s so easy to use and comfortable. No pain, no fuss, easy to clean and I’m not wasting milk ! Very happy mumma. Thanks so much!

Excellent ! easy to use and clean you get so much milk without lifting a finger .
Definitely recommend

Love it!

Love love love this product!! I'd always get drenched in breast milk from my opposite boob whilst feeding but now i can collect and store it! 5 stars all round

First time using bags

I am really impressed with the quality and simplicity of being able to pour my expressed milk straight in without having to sterilise it first. Seals really well and my whiteboard pen writes on it easily.
I am still trying to work out why 70mls in my Haakaa pump equals 90mls in the bag. A fantastic product.

Very impressed

Struggled with expressing prior and was recommended the Haakaa pump due to always being on the go and needing something easy and portable.
I get 70mls in 15 mins compared to 70 mls in an hour or more. Pours straight into the bags ready to be stored without missing a drip.
Glad i got the 150ml as i tend to express while feeding and the angle that the bottle has to sit for me to cordinate both gaby and Haakaa means the milk won't come near the top. The lid works great too.