Partum Panties

Partum Panties Maternity Disposable Underwear- 5pk

Partum Panties offers pregnant and postpartum women comfort and convenience.

While working in a busy tertiary hospital helping mums transition into motherhood. Lydia recognized one of the many challenges new mums face, is feeling comfortable with the right underwear. Women want to focus on their new baby and not have to worry about their heavy bleeding or the feeling of discomfort from bulky maternity pads and underwear.
In the early postpartum period, women often use underwear that is loose or tight. They experience leaking, pads that bunch up and underwear pulls up tightly onto their caesarean or perineum wound. Women are even wearing adult diapers, as there is nothing else on the market available to them. This is why she decided it was time to find a better solution for the postpartum woman.
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