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Our 1% Pledge & Non- Profit Support

Milkbar Breastpumps was created by a mum, for mums. With that foundation underpinning the way Milkbar operates, we are proud to support a number of charities who support mothers and their families as they transition into parenthood.

It's not always an easy path and for some, support is thin on the ground. Both of our chosen charities work directly with mothers to help make their motherhood experience a better one. 

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The 1% Pledge

Milkbar is also proud to have committed to 'pledge 1%', a global movement to inspire, educate and empower entrepreneurs, companies, and employees to be a force for good. Pledge 1% means that Milkbar gives back a portion of profits, product, time or equity as the business continues to grow, to support non-profits and their growth and development.

For more information on taking the pledge, click here



The Gidget Foundation

The Gidget Foundation is a not for profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness of Perinatal Depression and Anxiety. It does this by supporting the emotional health and wellbeing of both expectant and new parents through easily accessible mental health services and online and in person support. The Gidget Foundation aims to de-stigmatise peri and post natal mental health and open up the conversation Australia wide to help ensure all parents can find and accept help without fear or judgement.

For more information on The Gidget Foundation, click here


Gunawirra; prevention through early intervention

Gunawirra aims to work together with communities to improve the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mothers and children by breaking the cycle of suffering and healing intergenerational trauma. Gunawirra operates in preschools and directly with young Aboriginal mothers throughout NSW offering a range of culturally appropriate, early intervention programs and group support services.

For more information on Gunawirra, click here 


What charity would you like Milkbar to support next? Get involved and help us support causes that you are passionate about- nominate here

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