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Using the Lactivate Aria Wearable Breast Pump - A step-by-step guide:

Hello ARIA™! If you haven’t already purchased your ARIA™ Wearable Breast Pump, then now’s the time shop it. With the ARIA™ being everyone’s favourite new wearable breast pump, we thought we’d put this blog together to help you understand how she works and set you up for a successful pumping journey. 

Step 1: Wash all the pump components - except for the motor!

Prior to using the Lactivate ARIA Wearable Breast Pump for the first time, it's essential to clean all components that will come into contact with your breastmilk to ensure there is no contamination of any kind.

  1. Wash your hands to start.
  2. Then dismantle your pump separating every piece to be washed individually.
  3. Wash your pump parts in warm, soapy water water.
  4. Allow to air dry completely before next use.

We follow the guidelines provided by the Australian Breastfeeding Association. We don’t recommended boiling the plastic parts as high temperatures can warp pumping parts.

Step 2: Now get ready to start pumping

  1. Thoroughly cleanse your hands before handling the pump.
  2. Assemble the clean and dry parts as per the instructions.If you’d like to learn how to assemble the pump, watch our guide here
  3. Gently position the breast shield over your breast for a comfortable fit.

Step 3: Getting your pump turned on and selecting the right modes for you

  1. Turn on the ARIA by holding the power button for 2 seconds.
  2. Then, select your preferred pumping mode and suction level. We recommend to start with Stimulation Mode and within 2 minutes, the pump will automatically chance to Expression Mode.
  3. The pump will begin creating a gentle vacuum to express milk from your breasts.
  4. Adjust the settings to find the level of comfort and efficiency that suits you.

Power Button/Pause Button: Press for 2 seconds to turn on or to turn off. Tap the power button to pause the pumping session as required.

Mode Change: Tap the mode button to change mode between stimulation mode, expression mode and mixed mode. When switched on, the pump’s memory will automatically use the setting that was previously last used.

Step 4: Collecting and Storing Milk

Once you're satisfied with the amount of milk expressed, turn off the pump. To pour your milk into a pitcher, storage bag or bottle, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Rotate the pump in an anti-clockwise direction and take it off (to the left).
  2. Insert the silicone stopper into the collector cup.
  3. Pouring the breast milk into bottle in the indicated direction as below picture shows.

Pour the breast milk into the milk storage container or your bottle - to pour, simply hold the ARIA and face side-ways. Then, gently tilt the cup to begin to pour the milk.

  1. Important - Do not place pump unit at with collected breastmilk as this may cause breastmilk to backflow into the pump motor.

How to assemble the Aria after washing?

Assembling your Aria is super easy if you just follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Insert the valve into the silicone connector.
  2. Insert the silicone shield into the collector cup and make sure it is in the right position.
  3. Assemble the suction bowl into the milk collector cup.
  4. Press and rotate pump motor onto the collector cup in clockwise direction and make sure they fit at correct position.
  5. Insert the 19mm or 22mm if smaller breast shield is required (see measuring guide below).
  6. Place the pump into your nursing bra, making sure that your nipple is in the centre.

How to choose the right breast shield size

It’s really important to us that you get the best ouf out your ARIA. That is why we’ve included 3 different breast shield sizes to accommodate for every Mum who uses the ARIA. Using the incorrect breast shield could have a negative impact on your milk flow output and we couldn’t let that happen to you!

There are three different shield sizes included in this pump: 19mm (up to 15mm) - 22mm (up to 18mm) - 26mm (up to 22mm). You can use the below as a guide to determine which shield size would be best suited for you.

Signs your shield may be too small:

  • You can’t fit your nipple into the breastshield
  • Pain
  • Milk output is lower than expected

Signs your shield may be too large:

  • Your areola is being drawn into the shield
  • Your nipple is hitting the end of the shield
  • Pain or swelling
  • Milk output is lower than expected

Shield positioning is also important. Remember to centre your nipple and ensure you have breast tissue coverage creating a seal around the pump. Your milk output may not be an indication of your supply. We recommend checking your breastshield size is correct and working with your healthcare provider or International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) for individualised advice.

Troubleshooting your Aria 

If you come into any issues with your Aria Wearable Breast Pump, here are ways to troubleshoot at home.

Suction is insufficient

  1. Make sure the parts are correctly screwed and assembled.
  2. Check that the value is installed in place or not. This is a consumable product and may need to be replaced inorder to maintain good suction.
  3. Ensure that the silicone breast shield has been sealed properly and there is no air leakage.
  4. Adjust the “+” button of the control panel to increase the suction.

Breast milk can’t be pumped out

  1. Ensure all parts are installed correctly and that the suction is good.
  2. Use a warm compress and apply to the breast and massage the breast towards the nipple.
  3. Contact a lactation consultant to help with individual advice to address your concerns.

Feeling pain when pumping

  1. Adjust the “-” button on the control panel to reduce the pumping level to be comfortable.
  2. Use a warm compress and apply to the breast and massage the breast towards the nipple.

Remember, pumping shouldn’t be painful. Please contact a lactation consultant or IBCLC or your preferred healthcare provider to help with individual advice to address your concerns.


The Lactivate Aria Wearable Breast Pump is a pump designed for the everyday Aussie mum. From yoga classes, to tandem feeding/pumping, from increasing supply to building a milk stash, whatever your breastfeeding goals are, the Aria is here to help you. We’re hoping to keep our modern Milkbar Mamas inspired and motivated to live your lives to the absolute fullest potential without big chunky chords getting in the way! If you’d like to learn more about the ARIA™ and her incredible features, you can check out our blog post here.

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