Hurrah! The new Haakaa Gen 3 Breast Pump is here and it’s a game changer

Hurrah! The new Haakaa Gen 3 Breast Pump is here and it’s a game changer

Those clever people at Haakaa have done it again! The makers of the best-selling Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump, beloved by breastfeeding mothers all over Australia for quick and easy pumping, have released the Haakaa Generation 3 Breast Pump which makes it even easier to create a ready-to-use breastmilk stash.

Utilising the same simple and effective design that has made it so popular with mums, the Haakaa Generation 3 Breast Pump allows you to express directly into a detachable silicone bottle. Yep, you can pump and feed in one, without having to transfer your liquid gold to a separate bottle or storage container.

How is the Haakaa Generation 3 different to the original?

The Generation 3 and original silicone breast pump work in the same way, utilising gentle suction to manually drain the breast and catch the milk that might otherwise have been wasted. The Generation 3 however allows you to express straight into a detachable bottle (available in two sizes; 160ml and 250ml).  You can then twist off the breast pump flange and replace with one of the interchangeable attachments, including a baby bottle topsippy bottle topfeeding spoon or sealing disc.  The feeding spoon and sealing discs mean that you can use your Haakaa for things like puree or other solids making it useful as your baby grows older and transitions to food.

Who is the Haakaa Generation 3 best suited to?

While all mums can benefit from the Haakaa, the Generation 3 is ideal for mothers who may express and bottle feed regularly. Being able to express directly into a bottle makes it easy to feed your bub with less chance of spillage as there’s no need to pour your expressed milk from the pump to a bottle. It’s also a great option for mums with slightly older babies and toddlers who can use the Generation 3 to both pump breastmilk and store and/or feed things like baby food, thanks to the feeding spoon top and sealing discs.

How do I use the Haakaa Generation 3?

The Generation 3 is used in exactly the same way as the original. After washing your pump in warm soapy water, align the Haakaa so that your nipple is in the centre, press into the breast so that there is suction and let it do its thing! Many mums like to use the Haakaa on one breast while feeding off the other.

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