Hooray for Haakaa! How to Create a Breastmilk Stash With Ease Using The Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump

Hooray for Haakaa! How to Create a Breastmilk Stash With Ease Using The Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump

At Milkbar we are often asked how to create your very first stash of breastmilk. It can be a nervous time as a new mum as you juggle breastfeeding your baby and the thought of having to pump between breastfeeds is the last thing you feel like doing. The excitement of a date night or a few extra z's can quickly be replaced by  dread at the thought of pumping and working out how to collect some extra breastmilk when you have a baby glued to you 24-7.

We know our best selling Haakaa pump works; it has received hundreds of real reviews from Australian Mums, however we asked our resident mummy blogger (and mum of 4) Jade to try it out and document her process of creating her first stash of breastmilk to help our mum community. Here it is...

My Review of the Haakaa Breast Pump

For the past two weeks I have been trialling the Haakaa, a manual breast pump made of 100% silicone. I have expressed daily, at different times of the day using the Haakaa. The reason I have done this at different times is to see the variation in the amounts of milk I am able to collect.

Day 1 – 10 minute expression @ 7am, 50ml 

Day 2 – 10 minute expression @ 6am, 50ml 

Day 3 – 10 minute expression @ 3pm, 30ml 

Day 4 – 10 minute expression @ 1pm, 30ml 

Day 5 – 15 minute expression @ 8pm, 30ml 

Day 6 – 15 minute expression @ 7am, 50ml 

Day 7 – 10 minute expression @ 7am, 50ml 

Day 8 – 10 minute expression @ 11am, 30ml 

Day 9 – 10 minute expression @ 6am, 40ml 

Day 10 – 5 minute expression @ 7am, 20ml 

Day 11 – 5 minute expression @ 12pm, 20ml 

Day 12 – 10 minute expression @ 8pm, 30ml 

Day 13 – 10 minute expression @ 7am, 50ml 

Day 14 – 10 minute expression @ 7am, 50ml 

530ml of breastmilk from using the Haakaa on 1 side in 2 weeks!

I have found the Haakaa to be incredibly easy and very comfortable once I got the hang of it. I feed my son on one side and I catch the let down on the opposite side. I find this to be the best way to start expressing, as the oxytocin hormone is released when you snuggle or breastfeed your baby. As I mentioned above - I have been using the Haakaa once a day, whenever I could sneak a few minutes of quiet time with just Bobby and I. The reason I have tried to have quiet time is to try and connect with Bobby and really get that let down happening.

The milk that I have been able to collect, I have managed to store in my Unimom Breastmilk Storage Bags and placed them in the freezer. These bags are presterilised and leak proof, which is perfect as I like to lay my bags flat until frozen then stand them upright for space saving.

The Haakaa is by far the best, most comfortable and easiest manual breastpump that I have come across. I highly recommend that every breastfeeding mum have one – compact, lightweight, silent, the Haakaa comes with me in my nappy bag because I never know when I’m going to need to whip it out and collect all that liquid gold.

Haakaa Breastmilk Stash


Frequently Asked Questions

I don't leak, will the Haakaa work for me?

The Haakaa works for many mums who don't leak on the opposite breast when breastfeeding. Breastfeeding simultaneously when using the Haakaa helps with achieving let down as the Haakaa only provides gentle suction. 

How often should I use my Haakaa?

This is really up to the individual and depends if you are dealing with any other breastfeeding challenges and need to help build supply. For first use, we recommend trying the Haakaa during the first feed of the day when you are feeling fuller. Some mums use the Haakaa during most feeds, others once a day and other occasionally. Find out what works best for you.

Do you need to constantly pump like other manual breast pumps?

No you don't need to provide a constant pumping action like traditional manual breast pump. A couple of quick squeezes of the base can help to trigger a letdown or help if milk flow slows.

How do I know if my baby has enough milk if I'm using the Haakaa?

Breastfeeding your baby is obviously more important than building a stock pile of breastmilk. We recommend monitoring nappy output to ensure that baby is hydrated and working with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant if you have any ongoing concerns. Listen to your baby and your body. For first time users you could try and collect 20ml and see how you feel. 

I have engorgement, will the Haakaa increase my supply?

If you are experiencing engorgement it is important to drain the best frequently to help avoid complications such as mastitis. Removing any breastmilk from the body will trigger more breastmilk to be produced. However until engorgement symptoms disappear it is important to drain the breast frequently for comfort and until any lumps have been removed. The Haakaa pump can help to relieve symptoms of engorgement and collect all that liquid gold. If you suspect you have mastitis or our experiencing flu like symptoms, please seek advice from your GP. 

If you have any further questions please contact us at info@milkbarbreastpumps.com.au or 1300 781 275 Monday- Friday 9-5pm.