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The top 5 Haakaa Baby Essentials for New Mums

Working out what you REALLY need as a new mama versus the products that will probably end up stashed at the back of the cupboard can be tricky. There is just so much STUFF available, with plenty of products billing themselves as ‘absolute essentials.’

So how do you work out what you actually need and what can be left on the shelf? We’ve got you covered. 

The baby products you choose to purchase should serve a clear purpose and, most importantly, make your life easier! You’ll have enough to be dealing with without trying to work out how a pair of super complicated newborn nail scissors work!

Here are our top 5 baby essentials that every new mum should pop on her wish list

1.  Haakaa Baby Nail Care Set 

There is NOTHING more traumatising than nicking a tiny finger while trying to trim your baby’s nails. Thing is, they grow SO fast and can inflict some serious damage when left long, meaning they need to be trimmed regularly. The solution? The super nifty Haakaa Baby Nail Care Set. This clever battery powered nail file lets you gently buff down your bubs nails, no scissors required!

2.  Haakaa Oral Syringe

If you’ve ever tried to administer liquids of any kind to a baby (or toddler for that matter) via syringe then you’ll know it can be a messy old process. And that’s if they’ll even let you near their mouths! The Haakaa Oral Syringe makes the whole process a million times easier thanks to its soft silicone nipple and delivery method which shoots liquid into the sides of the mouth and not the back of the throat which often causes kids to gag, choke and refuse to let a syringe near them again!

3.  Haakaa Fresh Food Teething Feeder

Looking for an easy, safe way to start introducing solids to your little one? Check out the Haakaa Fresh Food Teething Feeder. Made from 100% food grade silicone, you can pop your choice of food in the silicone pouch, seal and hand over to your bub for hours (well minutes) of gumming delight! The feeder allows your child to experience a whole range of different tastes and textures without any risk of choking and is much easier to clean than some of its mesh material counterparts. The added bonus? Turn it around and the soft silicone handle becomes the perfect teether for sore mouths.

4.  Haakaa 360° Silicone Toothbrush

Tiny toothy pegs starting to pop through? It’s time for a toothbrush! Introducing good dental hygiene from a young age is a great way to set up good habits for life. Make brushing easier (and more fun) with the Haakaa 360° Silicone Toothbrush. As the name suggests, this nifty little brush is made from 100% soft silicone bristles while the bendable head allows for a whole mouth clean, removing food and any plaque build-up with ease. The brush is also wonderful for soothing tender gums during teething.

5. Haakaa Silicone Palm Teether

Got a dribbling, chewing little monster on your hands? Call in the calvary! And by calvary, we mean the teething products you need to keep those sore gums happy! The Haakaa Silicone Palm Teether is made from super soft and squishy food grade silicone, making it free from BPA, PVC and Phthalates (so nothing nasty can leach out of the product and into your bubba!). The shape makes it easy for little hands to hold and the bright colours and textures will hold your bubs interest.. at least for a little while!


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