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We’ve all been there. Stuck to the nursing chair or couch. Water bottle empty. Phone almost out of battery. Stomach rumbling. It’s enough to make a breastfeeding mama cry. The solution? A portable breastfeeding station stocked with all the essentials. Why portable? Because it’s likely you won’t always be breastfeeding in the one place, especially if you’ve got another little one underfoot. A portable breastfeeding station is the ultimate in grab and go convenience meaning wherever you end up feeding, you’ll have everything you need close by.


The ‘must haves’

While technically, all you need to breastfeed your baby is, well, breasts, there are a couple of other things that can make the experience a lot more comfortable, especially when you’re spending a LOT of time feeding. While the term ‘essentials’ is subjective, we’ve narrowed it down and identified what we think the must haves might be. First up, a portable nursing caddie, like the Lactivate Teddy Nursing Caddie. Lightweight but with plenty of storage thanks to the 5 separate sections and 8 pockets, it’s also got sturdy straps meaning it’s easy to move around. For the ‘must haves’, we recommend stocking your caddie with the largest water bottle you can find (that breastfeeding thirst is like nothing else), your phone and phone charger and a couple of snacks (lactation cookies are perfect) for when you’re boobie-trapped and starving. If you’re prone to dehydration, it can also be handy to pop a couple of sachets of a hydration mix like Hydramama into your caddie to mix with water for an extra boost of vitamins and hydration. Breast pads, either disposable or reusable are also a good idea as you’re likely to need them at some stage!


The ‘nice to haves’

Not essential but they’re just a really nice addition to your portable breastfeeding station. We’re talking a soothing nipple balm or hydrogel compresses to help soothe any soreness, a Haakaa Silicone Breast Pumpto collect and build a stash while you’re already feeding and your kindle or a book for when you’re starting to get sick of scrolling (believe us, it does happen!). A nursing pillow can also be handy, especially in the early days when you’re learning how to feed and need the extra support. I personally also stashed a muslin or one of the very old school white terry towelling nappy squares in my feeding station to mop up the inevitable baby vomit/letdown/poo-explosion mess that inevitably happens daily with a newborn.


The ‘make it a little boujee’ bonuses

As a breastfeeding mama, you’re often not thinking too much about anything overly luxurious. Everything from your bra to your clothing is dictated by being able to easily pop out a boob. Which is why we are all for a little bit of luxury when and where we can find it. These are the things that aren’t strictly necessary but add a little somethin’ somethin’ to your nursing station (and #mumlife in general). Honorable mentions include the LaVie Lactation Massager, a total gamechanger for lumps, bumps and blockages, Lactivate Silver Nursing Cups, the ultimate in sore and damaged nipple first aid a really plush throw or blanket to snuggle up in. It might not strictly fit perfectly in your nursing caddie but throw it over the top, under the straps and you’re away. I clearly remember purchasing the softest, snuggliest rug when I was due with my middle daughter as she was a winter baby. I knew I’d be spending a lot of time feeding and, as a second child, also knew that sometimes, it would be the only time I got to sit down that day so wanted to ensure I was as warm and comfortable as possible! Hot and cold packs can also be a great addition to your caddie if you have the time to grab them from the fridge/pop them in the microwave before sitting down. They’re amazing for helping with milk flow, reducing engorgement and helping to manage the symptoms of mastitis.


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