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Which Cadenshae Nursing Bra is right for you?

So you’ve decided the time has come to get back on the exercise horse. GO MAMA. But how to keep those brand new breastfeeding boobs under control? THAT can be tricky.

Breast tissue is a sensitive beast at the best of times, prone to stretching and damage if not treated with enough TLC. Add breastfeeding into the equation and the right support becomes absolutely essential. Enter Cadenshae, activewear for nursing mums. Designed specifically with breastfeeding boobs in mind, Cadenshae is all about helping mums to be active while giving the freedom to feed, wherever and whenever.

Their range of breastfeeding sports bras is extensive and cater for women of different sizes and activity levels. Which is awesome. But we get that choosing the right bra for your specific needs can be confusing (especially when you add sleep deprivation to the mix!).

That’s why we pulled together this guide to help you work out which bra is right for you.

How to choose the right Cadenshae Nursing Bra


1. Work out your activity level AKA the ‘bounce potential’

To work out the best bra for your needs, you need to decide WHAT you’ll be doing whilst wearing the bra.

Low impact activities – Exercise like walking, yoga, cycling or just dealing with #mumlife AKA activities with minimal ‘bounce potential’. These activities require less support.

Moderate impact activities – Exercise like weights or classes at the gym AKA activities with some ‘bounce potential’. These activities require a moderate level of support.

High impact activities – Exercise that involves a lot of movement. Jogging/running, crossfit, more intense gym classes (F45 or similar). Without a good sports bra, these activities will see your breasts bouncing all over the place.

Shop by Activity Level:     Low    Moderate    High Impact


2. Assess your cup size

Do your cups runneth over? Cadenshae cater for a full range of cup sizes, with specific bras being more suited to larger cup sizes and vice versa. shop via your cup size.   

A-C Cup    C- E Cup    E-G Cup    H-J Cup

Here are the Cadenshae size guides to find your perfect fit:

Cadenshae Bra Size Guide- Fit2Feed, Everyday, Playtime

Cadenshae Bra Size Guide- Ultimate

Cadenshae Bra Size Guide- Luxe


 3. Put it all together and choose a bra

Once you’ve worked out your activity level and cup size, it’s time for the fun part!

If you enjoy low impact activities, or are looking for an everyday bra and have smaller breasts (A-C cup), Check out the:

  • Playtime bra – Designed for comfort and ease, the Playtime Bra features removable padding and the option to wear the straps ‘as is’ or in a crossover racerback style. The Playtime also comes with a free extender to ensure your bra can be fully adjustable at any time during your pregnancy or breastfeeding journey and is suitable for B-E cup sizes.
  • Smoothie Crop – The perfect hybrid of traditional sports bra and feeding friendly active wear, the super-soft Smoothie Bra offers enough support for low impact exercise and everyday life. Featuring drop-down cups for easy breastfeeding and fully adjustable straps that cater for variations in bust size, the Smoothie is comfy enough to sleep in, perfect for those early days when support (and breast pads) are essential! Suitable for B-E cup sizes.
  • Everyday Nursing Bra – Similar to the Smoothie Crop, the Everyday Nursing Bra is designed for (you guessed it) everyday wear along with light to moderate exercise. Featuring a comfy and supportive racerback, drop down cups and fully adjustable back and straps, it’s the perfect everyday essential. Suitable for B-E cup sizes.


If you enjoy moderate to high impact activities and have a cup size of C+. Check out the:


  • Fit2Feed Bra Activewear Nursing Bra - this specially designed maternity sports bra is perfect for the active mama who needs extra support. Featuring a racerback design, adjustable hook and eye closures to perfectly customise the fit, drop down cups with full cover sling and wide, comfortable shoulder straps, it’s nursing performance active wear at its finest. The Fit2Feed is designed for a full C cup up to approximately an E cup size.


If you enjoy high impact activities and have a bigger bust (DD+), check out the:

  • Ultimate Sports Bra – This is the heavy hitter! Designed for even the highest impact activities, the Ultimate Sports Bra is a game changer for active mamas. Featuring comfortable moulded cups, breathable mesh panels, wide padded straps and easy drop-down nursing cups, it also offers the option to convert from traditional bra to racerback style. Suitable for cup sizes DD+.

If you enjoy moderate to high impact activities and have a bust H+, check out the:

  • Luxe Bra – The new kid on the Cadenshae block, the Luxe Bra is designed for bust sizes H to J cups. Structured to fit well and offer the ultimate in comfort and support, the Luxe features an innovative design which pairs foam moulded cups with a thicker under-bust band to minimise movement, wide padded straps to disperse weight and specifically chosen fabrics for breathability, stretch and support. And all of this WITHOUT underwire! The Luxe also has a fully adjustable back with the option to convert to a racerback design which allows you to use a bra extender if required while your breasts are still changing during pregnancy and/or breastfeeding.



Looking for a nursing friendly sports bra? Check out the full range from Cadenshae HERE

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