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Cadenshae Nursing Bra Review

Let’s talk bras.

Let’s say you want an all in one bra that covers a bust that is a DD+, one that is supportive enough for high impact exercise and comfort is a must!

I spent so long trying to find a bra that fit that description, being a 12F I struggled and the bras I tried had shoulder straps that were too thin, cups that just didn’t cover enough boob or just left me feeling completely unsupported.

I came across Cadenshae, a New Zealand brand operated by a breastfeeding mama and her husband.

The Ultimate Nursing Bra

The support was incredible, wide back, full cup, 2cm wide padded shoulder straps and it also gives you the option to convert to a racerback. This is the bra I had been searching for, now when I exercise there is no need to double up on bras (heavy chested girls know what I’m talking about), the Ultimate bra is stylish and comfortable, with clips that are easy to undo with one hand while the other is holding your baby, plus it comes in three gorgeous colours!

Ladies with a smaller bust, you have not been overlooked.. Cadenshae also have a bra called FIT2FEED Activewear Nursing Bra, maximum support for a medium bust.

Nursing Bra FAQs 

What is the difference between a nursing bra and a ‘regular’ bra?

Nursing bras are designed a little differently, they are softer to avoid cutting into the breast tissue and milk ducts, the cups are lower which provides better support for fuller, milk producing breasts, wider bra frame for better support, extra hooks and eyes for growth and those ever so convenient clips that undo from the top of the cup allowing easy access for a feeding baby.

Is it important to wear a proper fitting bra while pregnant/ breastfeeding?

Wearing a bra that doesn’t fit you correctly is actually bad for your health. If your breasts are not supported correctly it can cause headaches and a sore back, poor circulation and skin problems can also be related to an ill-fitting bra. A good bra will help you look and feel great, allow you to continue to be active, provide support and be comfortable.

Why are pregnant/breastfeeding women advised against wearing underwire bras?

Underwire places pressure on milk ducts and the soft breast tissue, applying pressure to these areas when your milk is “coming in” or when in full production can lead to blockages or even infection that may even interrupt your breastfeeding routine. Soft cup bras continue to provide the necessary support during pregnancy/breastfeeding and are comfortable as your breasts fluctuate in fullness.

Women’s bodies are amazing and should be celebrated, that’s why the Cadenshae Ultimate Nursing Bra is my go to bra, so much so I now own five of them! If you have a big bust and are struggling to find something that ticks all the boxes, then I highly recommend you try this bra it really is the ultimate bra!

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have regarding Cadenshae - Ultimate Nursing Bra.

You can check out of selection of nursing bras here.

Jade – breastfeeding mama of four & resident blogger for Milkbar Breastpumps. Follow me on Instagram @perfectinhereyes


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