Fran on...

Work/life balance - "It has taken me my entire working life to achieve work/life balance. Balance is probably the wrong word, I think it takes a lot of “internal” work around the ego, letting go, adjusting expectations and finding the space where you are able to reconcile the two. If I was to completely strive towards achieving all my career goals I wouldn't be able to be the mother, wife, sister, friend and individual I am. So I have had to let go of some of my earlier career goals and expectations. Likewise, because I work, I can't always live up to my own expectations of what is required in my personal life. Accepting this is the answer, rather than fighting it!"
Supporting and empowering the women who work with her and who buy Franjos products -  " I try my best to trust the judgement of the people I work with, and allow them the autonomy and responsibility to make their own way. I will have my ideas as to how things should be done but I trust their judgement and give them room to come to their own conclusions. Likewise our beautiful customers. They are all strong and intelligent woman (we all are). We want to provide a product and a business that supports them in their choices and is there for them if they need a guiding hand."
Making your business dreams a reality - "Gosh, it's hard. I won't lie. And there is absolutely no such thing as an overnight success. I think you need to really figure out the "why" of your ambitions and dreams and ensure that aligns with your bigger picture life goals, because it takes hard work, perseverance and commitment."