Supplemental Nursing System SNS- 150ml

The Medela Supplemental Nursing System (SNS) supports the unique bonding between a mother by allowing the newborn to get any required additional milk while feeding at the breast with the SNS.


  • Enables mothers to breastfeed, when they would otherwise be unable to do so
  • Helps to stimulate mother’s milk supply
  • For infants with a weak suck or the inability to maintain vacuum
  • Trains infants to suckle properly
  • To feed adopted infants at the breast

How does it work?

The supplemental nursing systems is worn around mum`s shoulder and the thin tubes are placed alongside the nipple. Mothers can use the system to feed either their own expressed breastmilk, milk from a milk bank or artificial supplements while breastfeeding. This allows baby to practice suckling while stimulating their mother's own breastmilk supply.