Nursicare Therapeutic Breast Pads- 6pk

Individually wrapped sterile breast pads for sore & cracked nipples.

Pain is one of the main reasons for discontinuation of breastfeeding. If the mother is in pain, she may lose her desire to continue breastfeeding.

Nursicare Pads facilitate fast pain relief and quick wound healing. The pad is also useful when the mother feels pain with no visible wound, friction or running.

Nursicare Pads can be used throughout breastfeeding and promotes and maintains nipple health while breastfeeding, New mothers can make breast feeding easier and more comfortable by using Nursicare Pads from the start, but should be used at the first sign of irritation or nipple discomfort. 

Nursicare pads have an absorbent membrane covered by a thin printed film, used to draw moisture away from the irritated area and prevent further contamination. The innovative pad has oxygen and moisture vapour breath ability for improved healing, with many woman using the pads to improve the breast feeding experience and heal wounds and reduce pain.

How to Use Nursicare


  • Each box contains 6 x Nursicare Reusable Therapeutic Breast Pads