Hospital Grade Breast Pumps

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What is a Hospital Grade Breast Pump?

Hospital Grade Breast Pumps are more durable and provide a stronger suction than a regular Electric Breast Pump. These pumps have closed systems and can accommodate multiple users.

Each mother has her own sterile ‘pump pack’ so there is no chance of cross contamination. These top of the range pumps are best for mothers who need to regularly express large volumes of breastmilk. They operate at a higher level of speed and efficiency than regular electric pumps, making them the best choice for working mums and mums who are exclusively expressing. They are also the optimum choice for mothers of twins or premature babies who are unable to initially breastfeed and those looking to establish or increase their supply. Our best selling Unimom Forte# Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump is one of the most affordable personal hospital grade breast pumps available. You can read our review of the Forte# here.