Pigeon Peristaltic Slim Neck Teat- 2pk

Pigeon Peristaltic Teats have been designed to mimic and promote this natural peristaltic sucking action.

Peristaltic movement is the smooth wave-like lapping movement of a baby’s tongue as it naturally draws milk from a mother’s nipple.


  • Made from silicone the teat has similar elasticity to that of a mother’s actual breast
  • Reduced nipple confusion as mum is able to easily switch from breast to bottle
  • 2 teats per pack


S Teat- Peristaltic Teat Slow Flow - newborn - 3 months

M Teat- Peristaltic Teat Medium Flow - 4 - 5 months

Y Teat- Peristaltic Teat Variable Flow - 6-7 months. Also suitable for newborn onwards as this is a leak proof teat where baby controls the feed.

L Teat- Peristaltic Teat Large flow - 7+ months