Mumasil Warm & Cool Breast Packs


Are you suffering breast pain or soreness due to breastfeeding?

The Mumasil Warm & Cool Packs provide soothing relief and ease discomfort associated with breast pain. They can also be used in tandem with your Mumasil Breast Milk Saver or breast pump to help encourage a let-down when feeding.

The breast packs are safe and non toxic and include two soft breast pack covers for greater comfort on the skin. Each cover features a clip that will hold the packs in place.


  • Provides soothing relief and ease discomfort associated with breast pain
  • Shape around your breast and sit comfortably inside your bra
  • Cold Therapy - Helps relieve pain and swelling from breastfeeding issues like engorgement and mastitis
  • Warm Therapy - Helps relieve mastitis, plugged ducts and encourages milk let-down
  • Includes two reusable gel breast packs
  • Includes two soft breast pack covers
  • Soft and pliable/flexible
  • Contours to fit most breast sizes
  • Easily cleaned with warm soapy water
  • Non-toxic, BPA Free, Latex Free, Lead Free

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Great Tool

Great tool to help warm the breasts to help pumping and let down. Also great to pop on after being in the freezer and cool down sore and full breasts!