Mumasil Breast Milk Collection Shells


Don’t waste precious breast milk!

The Mumasil Breast Milk Collection Shells are designed to sit comfortably inside your nursing bra, collecting the breast milk that would normally be lost from a let-down or leaking breasts. Use whilst breastfeeding or pumping on the opposite breast or to sit discretely inside your maternity bra in between feeds.

The soft and flexible silicone base provides an optimal fit, sitting comfortably against your skin. Fantastic also if you are suffering from cracked or sore nipples as they will let your breasts breath between feeds.

The Mumasil Breast Milk Collection Shells feature an in-built spout to allow for easy removal of collected milk. Simply empty the Mumasil Breast Milk Collection Shells after each feed and place it back on the breast.

The Mumasil Breast Milk Collection Shells are not recommended to use whilst sleeping as their is a greater chance of the shells leaking.


  • Catch your precious breast milk when feeding off the opposite breast instead of into a breast pad
  • Designed to be worn discretely inside your maternity bra
  • In built spout to allow for pouring of collected milk into a storage container or baby bottle
  • Protects clothing from moisture or stains
  • Easily holds 30ml of Breastmilk in each shell
  • Contains 2 x Breast Milk Collection Shells
  • Reusable
  • Easily to clean - Dishwasher and steam steriliser safe
  • Made from Food grade silicone/PP
  • BPA Free
  • Eco friendly
  • Non-toxic

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Customer Reviews

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Fantastic product. I was frustrated when I would leak through my tops when breastfeeding. These amazing cups collect the letdown either before or in the opposite breast whilst feeding. Fairly comfy and reasonably discrete. Only negative was I paid for express shipping and it was delivered to WA by Australia Post Express, had I known this I wouldn’t have paid the extra as it still took 5 days to come...


The concept behind these are amazing. They're so handy! Ideally I'd love for them to be slightly bigger in diameter but this doesn't stop me from recommending them or buying again if need be.


Saves a lot of my clothes. Usually I just change and my shirt is soaked within half an hour. Not now, now I catch it all and freeze.

Fantastic product, fast delivery

Exactly what I needed to discreetly catch my milk while out and about and while feeding. Would highly recommend. Product was delivered on time as well which was great!!

Great idea!

Really good, discreet, comfortable, doesn’t leak , easy to clean and use!