Reusable Nursing Pads- 8pk


Hotmilk Bamboo Nursing Pads

Bamboo reusable washable nursing pads - a must have for every nursing mum, plus these are super cute!

The bamboo fibre is thermo-regulating which means it will keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer.  Naturally hypoallergenic and more absorbent than cotton making them ultra gentle against your skin. The 8 pack includes 4 double layered thicker pads for overnight use in signature Hotmilk pink, 2 thinner daytime pads in everyday nude and 2 daytime pads in staple black to go with every outfit.


  • 8pads = 4 overnight pads & 4 daytime pads
  • Super-Soft & Luxurious
  • Highly durable & Absorbent/leak-proof
  • Comfortable
  • Kind to sensitive Skin

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Customer Reviews

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Very comfortable.. love that they are reusable. Found this product every bit as absorbent if not more than the disposable varieties I have used in the past


Won't get to use these for some time, but they're soft & I like that they're reusable rather than a wasteful product.

Nice and soft

These are nice and soft, except they leak on the edges, not sure if I’ve just gotten a bad batch but every one of them leak through at the edge and as they don’t have anything on the other side to grip the bra they move a lot - wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving the house with these, I only use them around the house, not going to let $30 go to waste, so may as well make some use of them.

Hi Emily, Thank you for you review and I can confirm your email has been received. As these are reusable nursing pads there is no adhesive sticker that are often found in disposable nursing pads. When worn with a supportive feeding bra the nursing pad should stay in place. It is important for the nursing pad to be worn over the nipple to allow the pad to absorb any leakage. All nursing pads need to be replaced regularly for hygiene and optimum absorbency. I'm sorry you haven't had a great experience here, however we are unable to provide a refund for change of mind on a used personal care item. These nursing pads are and continue to be popular amongst our customers. Thank you for taking the time to review one of our products.
No more leaks, and super soft

Super comfortable, moulds perfectly to your breast and they truly last all day!

So soft and absorbent

Was recommended bamboo reusable breast pads by a friend so I bought the 8pk to trial. Needless to say I have just placed an order for a second pack as 1 pack isn’t enough to even get though a couple of days.
This is my first bub so with all the hormonal changes and the sensitivity of my nipples I found that any extra comfort you can give yourself really does go a long way.
Disposables are way a more abrasive than the soft fibers of bamboo, plus they mound nicely once settled in your bra.