Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump & Limited Edition Pink Flower Stopper

Limited Edition
Limited Edition


We are very excited to launch the limited edition Haakaa Pink Flower Stopper exclusive to Milkbar 

Choose your favourite Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump and pair it with the famous stopper to prevent any breastmilk spills!

Haakaa Breast Pump Options:

  • 100ml with a suction base
  • 150ml with a suction base (BEST SELLER)
  • Generation 3- available in grey or nude and 160ml and 250ml sizes

Not sure which Haakaa to choose? Here are our most popular Haakaa FAQs answered

Contents: Your choice of Haakaa Breast Pump plus the limited edition Haakaa Pink Flower Stopper

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SKU: Bundle_MHK011_MHK010-R

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

Pretty convenient. Little bit slower than hand-pump, though.

Convenient at Its best

Very much happy for this product! So easy to use and wash! No dramas at all! Love it so much!


I purchased my Haakaa thinking it wouldn’t work, but with its help, And in just 1 week I have caught 1.5litres of let down milk to keep in my freezer for when I go back to work. No extra pumping, just popping on the Haakaa while I’m feeding. So easy, so effective, so quick!
Best investment yet!

So helpful!

This product is so well made and easy to use. I have massive over supply but would never leak so during the night my baby falls asleep after one boob leaving the other one super painful by the morning... I was a little unsure if this would work for me as I don’t leak but having the haakaa attached to the other boob during the early morning feed has been so helpful in taking the edge off until morning! I only get about 40mls during the let down but it saves me having to hand express and have wastage. I can also just put the flower stopper in, throw the hole thing in the fridge and go to bed. So easy and convenient!

So easy and hands-free

I was so excited to recieve my haakaa after so many friends swore to have one.
It arrived quickly and I used straight away and was so happy this exists to catch my milk from one breast while bub fed on the other...instead of soaking up a pad, it can be used. Bub is only 6 days old and I have used 3 times and have got 120mls all together and it is just so easy to use.
Thank you