Belize Cotton Nursing Cover

Bébé au lait Premium Cotton Nursing Cover- Belize

The popular Bébé au Lait Premium Cotton Nursing Cover provides a stylish option for Mums who prefer privacy while breastfeeding out and about or in front of others. Bébé au Lait Nursing Covers have a patented open neckline that holds the cover away from Mum and baby—allowing them to maintain eye contact so they can continue to bond while breastfeeding on the go. The open neckline provides airflow and allows Mum to see that baby is properly latched, which is key to breastfeeding success. Secure and adjustable, the neck strap holds the nursing cover in place, giving you privacy and confidence while breastfeeding, wherever you are.


  • Patented Rigiflex™ neckline for ventilation and eye contact, made of flexible material that maintains its bowed shape
  • Adjustable neck strap secures the nursing cover and ensures privacy
  • Minimises surrounding distractions so baby can focus on breastfeeding
  • Two internal terry cloth pockets for cleanups and storage
  • Generously sized for maximum coverage. One size fits all: approx. 90cm wide by 65cm long
  • 100% cotton in signature Bébé au Lait pattern
  • Machine washable
  • Colour: Belize: Etched diamond elements in chambray blue give this print a classic, yet sophisticated vibe.

How to wear

  • Thread the neck strap through the two D rings, and then thread the end back through 1 D ring only
  • Place the cover over your head. The neck strap should be resting comfortably around your neck and the fabric should be lightly draping over baby
  • Make sure the center of the neck strap is positioned so that you can easily see baby while he/she is breastfeeding. You may need to adjust the length of the neck strap in order to find the fit that is perfect for you (once you have found your ideal length, there should be no need for re-adjustment in the future).

Care Instructions

  • Machine wash with like colours on gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low heat or lay flat to dry and then iron with low heat if necessary
  • Due to the rigid material used in the Bébé au Lait neckline, it may occasionally get bent out of shape after being washed. This can be easily fixed by gently ironing and massaging the neckline back into shape
  • Because these nursing covers are made from 100% cotton, some shrinkage may occur when washed.