10 Essentials to Pack In Your Hospital Bag (And a Couple To Leave Out)

There's not much more exciting than packing your hospital bag. It's a sign that the end is near! After nine (possibly long) months, you're on the downhill stretch towards meeting your baby. YIPPEE!

Your hospital and how long you're staying will determine what you need to pack in your hospital bag to some extent BUT there's still a list of essentials that can make even the shortest stay that little bit more comfortable.

Meet the boob whisperer (and find out how she can help make breastfeeding a success)

IB who? LC what? When it comes to breastfeeding, specifically breastfeeding problems, it's often recommended that you consult with an IBCLC. But what exactly IS an IBCLC and, more importantly, how can they help?

We spoke to International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Osteopath and mama-of-two Tash Lunn AKA The Boobala to find out!

5 of our favourite Chrissy Teigen ‘MOMMY’ moments

Just in case you missed it on your socials, Chrissy Teigen shared memories of her Haakaa Breast Pump on instagram just in time for #worldbreastfeedingweek. It’s not the first time Chrissy has been spotted with a Haakaa. In a post that quickly went viral, husband John Legend shared Chrissy pumping on the go while on the way to a Father’s Day dinner back in 2018.

PANDA Week - My experience with PND, Anxiety and Postpartum OCD

The transition to parenthood, even when it's something that you want more than anything, can be rocky. While many anticipate the intensity, the sleep deprivation, and the time it takes to physically recover, few of us can actually grasp the enormity of how birth changes us. And for some, new parenthood comes with an extra challenge; that of mental health.