Unimom Minuet LCD Electric Breast Pump

Milkbar Favourite 
Milkbar Favourite 


Modern LCD screeen, portable & packed full of features!

Weighing only 210g, the Unimom Minuet LCD Electric Breast Pump is one of the lightest and most compact portable breast pumps available. It features an innovative design with top quality features including multiple massage/let down and expression modes, modern LCD display and USB charge port.

Like the Unimom Allegro and Forte Breast Pumps the Minuet features the Unimom patented genuine closed system which ensures hygienic expression of your breastmilk. This means that no milk or micro vapours can back flow down the tubing into the motor and allow mould to grow, while also preventing external air from contaminating the expressed breastmilk. All parts that come into contact with breastmilk are BPA free.

The Unimom Minuet LCD has a wide customisable cycle and suction range for effective and efficient extraction of your breastmilk at the best possible comfort levels. It has 7 unique massage modes and 7 levels of expression modes plus 2 special patterns of expression mode. The built-in rechargeable Lithium battery provides up to 2.5 hours of battery life on a single charge. It comes with all the required parts and accessories for single or double pumping, and storage your expressed breastmilk.

An optional Switch Kit can be purchased to allow for manual expressing without having to purchase a separate manual breast pump.

Unimom is a corporate partner of the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA). Part proceeds from the purchase of every Unimom product go toward supporting all breastfeeding mothers through the ABA. Unimom is certified ISO 13485 (Medical Devices), CE Approved (Medical Devices), and GMP (Medical Devices).

Who is the Unimom Minuet# best suited for?

  • Working Mums
  • Mums who need to express a full feed in a single pumping session
  • Mums who need a portable solution 
  • Mums who want an affordable option but don't want to compromise on top of the line features


  • Portable and quiet
  • Effective single/double sided expression
  • Powered by rechargeable Lithium battery (up to 2.5 hours) or AC adaptor or micro USB to USB cable
  • Electronically controlled
  • LCD display and soft touch controls
  • 7 adjustable cycles/vacuum suction levels for massage mode
  • 9 adjustable cycles/vacuum suction levels for expression mode
  • Hygienic closed system with back flow protection
  • Switch to manual pump using switch kit (optional accessory)
  • Vacuum range: 80-300mmHg
  • Supports 110v to 240v
  • BPA free
  • CE approved
  • 1 year Australian warranty


1 x Minuet LCD electric breast pump

2 x breast shield (24mm)

2 x white valve

2 x bottle stand

2 x bottle

2 x bottle cover

2 x cap

2 x disk

2 x silicone diaphragm

2 x top cover

2 x air tube

2 x silicone massager (fits only the 24mm breast shield)

1 x B-connector

1 x micro USB to USB cable

1 x AC adaptor

Milkbar Tips

  • Unimom breast pumps in Australia are WHO Code compliant and do not include teats. Customers who require teats can purchase any standard narrow neck teats.
  • White Valve and Silicone Diaphragm should be changed if torn or suction level has decreased, or else the milk supply/output might be affected.
  • Using the Silicone Massager can reduce suction and reduce the flange size to 22mm. Usage is optional and subject to individual preference.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Great all round 👏🏼

There isn't a single best thing about this electric pump. The size is perfect to take out of the house, but I also loved just using it around the house too. Very little noise and vibration, so it didn't disturb sleeping bubba or others nearby. Great to have the option of one/two pumps running simultaneously, with the same power if using both! And it's so darn cute! I'm proud to show it off when people ask about it :)

Pumping dream 😍

Love it ! So quiet, small and portable ! Pumps amazing and so nice on my nipples.
Also the bottle brand dr browns we have been using fits on to the pump 🙌 the pump and those bottle have made my pumping experience a dream. Thank you milk bar for the really quick delivery as my baby girl was a vicious latcher I hated breast feeding and saw this pump ordered it and was here in 2 days ! YOU GUYS ROCK !

Great pump! Great price!

So easy to use, quiet, strong suction which is what i needed, i exclusively pump so i needed to find something with great suction yet light and portable.
Great size.

No joke, 12minutes total (2minute massage) i pumoed 270ml total! That's impressive.
Thankyou! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

The best!

I can’t recommend this pump enough. It is light weight, easy to charge and transport, and very efficient. An absolute must for mums who need to express on the go :)

Great pump!

This pump has been a lifesaver while building my supply. With a baby who doesn’t take a bottle I find I’m throwing out more milk than I had stored so this little pump has given me the freedom to trial bottle feeding while also building a storage of milk for when I head back to work. Very happy!