Unimom Mezzo# Manual Breast Pump


Australian Mother and Baby 2014 Finalist

The Unimom Mezzo# Manual Breast Pump is designed for mothers with occasional pumping needs. It is portable, easy to use, compact and its lightweight design make it perfect for use while travelling.

Unimom is a corporate partner of the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA). Part proceeds from the purchase of every Unimom product go toward supporting all breastfeeding mothers through the ABA. Unimom is certified ISO 13485 (Medical Devices), CE Approved (Medical Devices), and GMP (Medical Devices).


  • Portable
  • Comfort massager
  • Hygenic - designed to ensure direct flow from shield kit to milk storage bottle
  • User control over suction and speed mimic baby's natural nursing pattern
  • Ergonomically designed with non-slip handle
  • Easy grip
  • Easy to use
  • BPA free


1 x handle

1 x diaphragm cover

1 x silicone diaphragm

1 x stem

1 x breast shield

1 x valve

1 x bottle

1 x bottle stand

1 x silicone massager*

1 x bottle cover

1 x cap

1 x disk

1 x shield cover


* Using the Silicone Massager may reduce suction. Usage is optional and subject to individual preference.


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