Nursing Scarves

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Bébé au Lait Nursing Scarves

Bébé au Lait’s Nursing Scarves are made from either premium muslin or cotton and are versatile, comfortable, and the perfect accessory for mum! As an infinity breastfeeding wrap, the nursing scarf provides adjustable, relaxed coverage from front to back.

The soft and breathable muslin fabric makes a beautiful accessory for mum that’s easy to use and care for and is ultra breathable.This 2-in-1 infinity breastfeeding scarf is available in a variety of stylish prints that will coordinate with any wardrobe before, during, and after pregnancy.
A nursing scarf is the perfect breastfeeding accessory for
  • Mums (or bubs) needing extra coverage when feeding in the cooler months 
  • Mums who feel more comfortable feeding with a cover in public. Let's help her feed anywhere anytime!
  • A distraction if your bub likes to keep their hands occupied while feeding
  • Mums looking for a stylish accessory which doesn't scream Maternity!