Partum Panties Maternity Disposable Underwear- 5pk


Comfort, convenience and providing women with a product that allows for a greater postpartum recovery!

Partum Panties are made of very soft quality fabric with a super stretchy waistband, perfect for your pregnant and postpartum tummy. Partum Panties absorb moisture, sweat, blood and urine that keep skin safe and prevent skin irritation.

Your all-in-one. Partum Panties are developed by a Midwife by keeping in mind all the needs of expecting and new mothers.

  • Comfortable to wear during pregnancy and after delivery can be worn all day long without any discomfort
  • Partum Panties have an inner leg liner around the legs to prevent any leakage
  • Partum Panties are designed with the full pregnancy duration in mind. Partum Panties wrap around your waist and protect and support your abdomen        
  • Designed to Absorb maximum blood and urine
  • Partum Panties are PERFECT to wear when your waters break
  • Great Choice for both post-Vaginal and C-Section birth as they are designed to come up high over your wound
  • After buying your Partum Panties, you will not need bulky pads and loose-fitting underwear
  • Partum Panties are Disposable, you can wear them not only during and after pregnancy but also during periods for those extra heavy nights

Size Guide


Fits an average women's size of 8-12 and a waist of 75-110cm

If you are normally a size 12 -pre-pregnant, then we suggest getting the Large size


Fits an average women's size of 14 -18 and a waist of 100-140cm

The pad is double the size of any other brand and provides extra coverage for both front and back. It absorbs between 800-and 1000 ml.

5 per pack