Milk Maker Bundle


Our best selling Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump & favourite chocolate mixes are the perfect combination for a mum looking to boost breastmilk supply. 

The mixes are designed to be in your pantry ready for when you need it without the added preservatives and additives. Just add your wet ingredients, mix it all up & bake for 10mins.

Each mix makes approximately 15 cookies that are safe for the whole family to eat- but let me tell you they taste amazing so you won't want to share!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Absolutely obsessed and in love

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This saved me and my boobs and I've been able to produce a lot more milk now thanks to the delicious cookies.

Great bundle

Love love love my Haaka breast pump. I have recommended it to all my pregnant friends.
The cookies are super quick and easy to make. The flavors are great.

Awesome bundle

Absolutely love my haakaa, definitely worth it and wish I knew about it earlier. The cookie mix is super easy to follow and they taste amazing.

Fantastic Bundle

The Haakaa is my biggest regret for not buying it when I had my first child. It is so easy to use and I have easily recommended it to so many people. The cookies are fantastic and the instructions are easy to follow. Fantastic bundle idea!!

Love it

At first it didn't work, and I wondered if I'd put it on correctly. But soon enough I figured it put and it pumped more milk than any any pump I had ever used before with my daughter. I got a full 90ml in one feed, and I used to struggle to get 10ml.
I like that I can move around the house without worrying it will fall off also.
Super easy to clean. And no bulky storage is a bonus.
Highly reccomend. Will buy as gifts for friends without fail.