I’m pretty excited. Well that’s an understatement – I’m really excited! I get to test out our new Woolbabe sleeping bag! Since my daughter has had severe sleep issues I’m very preoccupied with anything that will help improve her sleep. When she sleeps well, she feeds well. When she sleeps well, she plays well. And most importantly, when she sleeps well, she’s happy.

So when I was asked to trial our new Woolbabe 3 seasons sleeping bag, I was pretty keen to try it out. When my little girl was a newborn, even the midwives at the hospital couldn’t keep her swaddled, and once she started rolling and her arms came out she used to scratch and punch herself in the face…a lot.

I’ve used several different types of sleeping bags from zips to velcro and numerous mainstream brands, trying to make my little Houdini comfortable and secure while she sleeps. She fell asleep upside down in her cot with her legs in the air last night! Did I go in and adjust her? No way – never EVER poke the sleeping dragon! But the sleeping bag kept her covered. Blankets and sheets are not an option for this little wriggler.

Also, having a summer baby in 38°C weather and no air conditioning has made me very aware of trying to regulate her temperature.

I mean who doesn’t enjoy it at 3am when the temperature drops, and you have to coax, cajole and wrestle four tiny squirming limbs into yet another sleeping bag, while the red face on the change table tearily asks you how you could be so mean; and all to the backing track of a wailing banshee.

So this is why I was pretty excited when the Woolbabe 3 seasons sleeping bag arrived in the mail – I got the pink one! In the interests of full disclosure, this is a free sample I received from Milkbar Breatpumps, in order for me to test it out.

It is 30% merino wool and 70% cotton so it is a lightweight and breathable fabric with low fire hazard. I am a huge fan of wool as it has natural properties that wick moisture away from the skin and regulate temperature.

Interestingly it also has an SPF factor, as merino wool absorbs the UV radiation which damages skin. I’ve bought my strawberry blonde and very fair skinned daughter merino leggings and a jumper to wear when I take her walking in the pram and she doesn’t get too hot at all.

The Woolbabe sleeping bag is really soft and cosy against your skin. It can be used for temperatures between 18 and 30°C and comes with a clothing temperature guide so you can dress bubs appropriately within the sleeping bag. It zips from top to bottom so there is no zipper near the baby’s face and it has a double zip to make nappy changes easier.

A major attraction for me was the longevity of these sleeping bags. I really love the little poppers under the arms and this was a major bonus for me. My little one has just about outgrown all her sleeping bags and needs a new one; she’s also petite for her age and kind of in between sizes at the moment. You can adjust the size of the arms holes by undoing the press studs as they grow. One sleeping bag for Spring, Summer and Autumn that fits from 3 – 24 months. Woohoo!

When I washed the sleeping bag, I put it in the machine in a mesh bag on a normal setting and it came out fine – no stretching. I did dry it over a clothes horse as it’s quite long and I didn’t want the weight of it to pull the fabric out of shape.

In terms of comfort, durability and value for money I’m actually quite impressed with the Woolbabe 3 seasons sleeping bag and I wish I’d known about it earlier.

We’re actually having a giveaway at Milkbar so if you’d like to win and test out the Woolbabe 3 seasons sleeping bag for yourself then follow the link below.

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