Laura's Story: From struggling to success with baby #4

When it comes to perseverance, mum-of-four Laura knows a thing or two. After struggling with breastfeeding her first three children due to a variety of issues, Laura is now successfully breastfeeding for fourth child and has reached the milestone of 16 weeks, a point she never reached previously.
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Kristen's story: Breastfeeding Through ALL The Challenges

Welcome back to our 'Milkbar Mamas' series where we speak to women all over Australia about how breastfeeding unfolded for them because nothing #normalisesbreastfeeding more than writing, speaking and sharing all things boobin' related. 
When it comes to challenges, there isn't one that Melbourne mama-of-two Kristen HASN'T faced. From cracked nipples to severe engorgement, mastitis, a bottle preference and even the premature arrival of her second child, Kristen, a Paediatric Registered Nurse & International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) has survived it all (and lived to tell the tale!)
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Alex's story: Breastfeeding For The First Time

Here at Milkbar we LOVE sharing breastfeeding stories and hearing from our online community about their own experiences. Which is why we're starting a brand new series of blogs where we speak to Milkbar mamas about how breastfeeding has unfolded for them. From first time mamas to exclusive pumpers, those battling over and under supply, tongue ties, mastitis and everything in between, we are SO excited to share their words and experience with you. We hope these stories will inspire, give you some tips for your own breastfeeding experience help those walking a similar path feel less alone.
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