How To Choose a Maternity Sports Bra

You're ready to return to exercise post baby! Hooray! But what about those brand new additions to your chest AKA your breastfeeding boobs? That's where a great maternity sports bra comes in action. Find out what to look for when choosing a bra, here.
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Which Cadenshae Nursing Bra is right for you?

So you’ve decided the time has come to get back on the exercise horse. GO MAMA. But how to keep those brand new breastfeeding boobs under control? THAT can be tricky.

Breast tissue is a sensitive beast at the best of times, prone to stretching and damage if not treated with enough TLC. Add breastfeeding into the equation and the right support becomes absolutely essential. 

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Cadenshae Nursing Bra Review

Let’s say you want an all in one bra that covers a bust that is a DD+, one that is supportive enough for high impact exercise and comfort is a must!

I spent so long trying to find a bra that fit that description, being a 12F I struggled and the bras I tried had shoulder straps that were too thin, cups that just didn’t cover enough boob or just left me feeling completely unsupported.

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