Mary Kate's Story: Breastfeeding after a tough labour and birth

As a Child and Family Health Nurse and the second youngest of a large family all of whom were breastfed, Mary-Kate always intended to breastfeed her first child. A very long and challenging labour and birth and baby with a super-powered suck however made the road to successful, pain free breastfeeding a rocky one.
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5 Self Care Tips for Breastfeeding Mamas

There is no doubt about it; breastfeeding is tough. It can take a huge toll on all aspects of your life, from your physical health right through to your mental and emotional wellbeing and even your relationship. Breastfeeding has the power to drain not only your boobs, but a big chunk of your life force. We get it. As breastfeeding mamas ourselves, we've been there. And we're here to tell you that there are ways to take care of your babies mama (AKA you) even when you're boobin' round the clock.

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4 Sleep Hacks For Tired Parents

From waking every 3.5 minutes to feed to spending hours settling a wide awake bubba, sleep is probably the most talked about topic for new parents (actually make that all parents because toddler sleep can be almost as painful!). And navigating life with minimal sleep is tough (there's a reason why sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture!)

We're sharing our top sleep hacks for tired parents to help make the world a little bit brighter, even when you're running on empty.

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Alex's story: Breastfeeding For The First Time

Here at Milkbar we LOVE sharing breastfeeding stories and hearing from our online community about their own experiences. Which is why we're starting a brand new series of blogs where we speak to Milkbar mamas about how breastfeeding has unfolded for them. From first time mamas to exclusive pumpers, those battling over and under supply, tongue ties, mastitis and everything in between, we are SO excited to share their words and experience with you. We hope these stories will inspire, give you some tips for your own breastfeeding experience help those walking a similar path feel less alone.
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How to Manage an Oversupply of Breastmilk

Letdown with the strength of a firehose? Engorged boobies that seem to fill up in front of your eyes? Sounds like you may be dealing with an oversupply of breastmilk. Let's take a look at what an over supply is, how it is caused and (most importantly!) how to effectively manage it and regulate your supply.

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The Best Christmas Gifts For New Mums (That They'll Actually Use!)

Buying the perfect Christmas gift is never easy. It becomes even trickier when you're buying for a new mama, whose ACTUAL gift list includes things like sleeping for 14 hours straight, employing a wet-nurse and an auto-replenishing block of chocolate. Fortunately, we've got the next best thing; a list of gifts to make life that little bit easier. And bonus; everything is available online so no trek to the seventh circle of hell AKA the local shopping centre, required.
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Which LaVie Is Right For You?

We love the LaVie range of products here at Milkbar. Designed in collaboration with breastfeeding expertsthe LaVie range of products were created to help make your breastfeeding journey that little bit easier.

Many mamas may be familiar with the original LaVie Lactation massager, that nifty tool that uses gentle vibration to stimulate milk flow and break down blocks and sore spots but the LaVie range doesn't actually stop there! There are two other products that can be super handy for the breastfeeding and pumping mum.

Let's take a look at the range to help work out which one might suit you best.

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Using A Supplemental Nursing System or SNS

There are many reasons why a mama may sometimes need to supplement her baby with expressed breast milk or formula.

While giving this little bit extra via a bottle is usually what we think of first, a Supplemental Nursing System or SNS can be a super handy option for supplementing mamas who want to avoid nipple confusion and keep baby at the breast full time.

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Can Breastfeeding REALLY Cause Tooth Decay?

Can breastfeeding, especially at night and into toddlerhood cause tooth decay? Milkbar investigates to find out what the research says!
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The SUPER NIFTY must-have that makes baby led weaning a breeze

Introducing solids and trying Baby Led Weaning for the first time can be exciting but daunting. Fortunately, we've got a product that takes away all the stress. Meet the Haakaa Fresh Food Teething Feeder

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5 of our favourite Chrissy Teigen ‘MOMMY’ moments

Just in case you missed it on your socials, Chrissy Teigen shared memories of her Haakaa Breast Pump on instagram just in time for #worldbreastfeedingweek. It’s not the first time Chrissy has been spotted with a Haakaa.  
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5 boobin' brilliant ways for your partner to get involved when you're breastfeeding

Life as a breastfeeding mama can sometimes feel lonely. There's no getting around the fact that the responsibility lands firmly on your shoulders. While men may not be able to physically breastfeed, there is still plenty that they can do to help support you and bond with their child, no boobs required!
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