Christmas Gift Guide for Breastfeeding Mums


It’s always hard at Christmas to know what gifts to get new mums. Do you go practical and - let’s be honest - pretty boring? Or do you splash out on that gorgeous beaded necklace that’ll never be worn because it’s a choking hazard?

I’d love a massage voucher…but I’m a single mum…so I need a babysitter…and I have to leave my phone on for an emergency…and she’s I’ll be stressed about her crying…I feel tense already! What I’d really like is for my daily life to run a little more smoothly.

So we’ve decided to make Christmas shopping a little easier by bringing you the best of the best. Here’s a selection of gifts that are not only gorgeous, but essential for mothers. Because if anyone deserves a bit of spoiling at Christmas – it’s definitely mums!

1. Mama Body Tea and Infuser

Tea Infuser

Destress in your own home with Mama Body Teas. They are organic and caffeine free, making them a perfect gift for busy mums. The sweet heart-shaped infuser means that a relaxing cup of tea is only minutes away.

2.Hotmilk My Necessity Nursing Sleep/ Hospital Bra

Hotmilk Nursing Sleep/Hospital Bra

This comfortable, pretty and versatile sleep/hospital bra provides support for all stages of nursing. The soft foam inserts can be removed and it can be worn with or without nursing pads. A necessary addition to any mother’s hospital bag as it cushions sore nipples and full breasts.

3. Unimom Forte# Hospital Grade Double Electric Pump

Unimom Forte Hospital Grade Double Electric Pump

Make life so much easier this Christmas with a reliable and efficient electric breast pump. It is one of the lightest and most compact hospital grade breast pumps on the market. The bronze winner of the Australian Mother and Baby 2012 Awards, this is a must for any mum. (Including me…hint! Hint!).

4.Unimom Switch Kit

Unimom Switch Kit

Find more time in the day as you can switch your electric breast pump to a manual one, using this nifty little attachment. It allows you to be far more versatile in when and how you express, so you’ll never get caught out again. This attachment will work with both Allegro# and Forte# Unimom pumps.

5. Cherub Colour Change Bottle

Cherub Baby Colour Change Natribottle Glass Bottle Wide Neck

These are super strong, durable, BPA free and dishwasher safe! The colourful sleeve not only makes these a breeze to find in your overflowing nappy bag, but they can be thrown on the floor again and again (because we all know they will be!) without breaking.   Also, the colours are really cool!

6. Breastvest

Breastvest Breastfeeding Top

Ok, I’m going to admit I’m biased here – I love these tops! After stretching out all my normal singlets and not getting enough support from maternity singlets I think these are awesome.   You can wear them with your favourite nursing bra and not have to expose your tummy when feeding. Get one of these…in fact get two!

7. Unimom Cooler Bag Set

Unimom Cooler Storage Bag

No matter how organised I am...I’m never organised enough! The Unimom Cooler Bag Set allows for easy storage and transportation of breastmilk, making getting out and about a far less agonising process. Once you can figure out where they left their pants!

8. Bébé au Lait Nursing Cover


Bebe au lait Alexandria Nursing Cover

This is a nursing cover that allows you to not only feed discreetly and in comfort, but also see your baby.   Unlike an ordinary muslin cover, the neckline holds the cloth out and away from the baby’s face for airflow.   These are great if you don’t feel like flashing your ‘milkbar’ to the world!

9. Milkbar Nursing Pillow

 Bébé au Lait Premium Cotton Nursing Pillow- Camden Lock

These breastfeeding pillows are different from the standard in that they are compact, portable and lift bub’s head into a comfortable position, minimising arm, back and neck discomfort for mum. The cover is 100% cotton which makes feeding much cooler as we move into another hot Christmas.

10. Woolbabe Sleeping Bag


These beautiful and soft sleeping bags are made from natural cotton and merino wool. They are suitable for three seasons and provide a safe and snug sleeping cocoon. Because let’s face it, a good night’s sleep is one of the best presents a mum can get!

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What would you love for Christmas? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.