Breastfeeding & Alcohol

Breastfeeding & Alcohol

It's now mid December (can you believe it!) so you may be thinking can I have an alcoholic drink (or two ) if I'm breastfeeding? 

The Australian Breastfeeding Association has a great app called Feed Safe which estimates when alcohol has completely left your system. While the safest option when breastfeeding is to avoid alcohol, there have been studies to suggest that the alcohol content that passes into your breastmilk is small. 

4 Facts About Breastfeeding & Alcohol

1. Pumping & dumping doesn’t reduce the amount of alcohol in your breastmilk.

2. When the alcohol consumed has left your bloodstream it also leaves your milk.

3. It takes about 30 minutes for alcohol to enter your breastmilk- so the best time to enjoy your drink is actually while breastfeeding :)

4. When breastmilk with alcohol is expressed, that expressed breastmilk will contain and continue to contain alcohol.

Alcohol affects everybody differently and I personally I follow- safe to drive, safe to feed. If you can, try and express some breastmilk in advance for both peace of mind and comfort. This will help you relax and be present in the moment. Our best selling haakaa pump makes collecting breastmilk easy.

So mamas, enjoy the silly season however you choose to celebrate- champagne in hand, perhaps you will be feeding your little one 👶🏻 at midnight on NYE or some of you may be hoping for some extra 💤.

Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year and an even better 2019! 

📷: @cakespyblog